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The oldest SNL host is Betty White, she hosted the show on May 8th, 2010. At the age of 88 years and 111 days.


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He never hosted Saturday Night Live.

Betty White, who hosted in May 2010, is the oldest host at 88. She unseated Miskel Spillman, who hosted in December 1977 at age 80.

Yes I think he hosted Saturday Night Live

The first host of Saturday Night Live on October 11, 1975 was George Carlin.

The host changes every Saturday. Check the website to find out who this Saturday's host is.

Hugh Jackman hosted Saturday Night Live on December 8, 2001.

The first American Football player to host Saturday Night Live was Fran Tarkenton on the 29th of January 1977.

Freddie Highmore has never been on Saturday Night Live, nor is he presently scheduled to host.

Candice Bergen was the first woman to host Saturday Night Live. She hosted Episode 4 of the first season (November 8, 1975).

Ron Reagan, son of the 40th president, hosted "Saturday Night Live," during the 1980s.

Not sure.. Young though! Drew Barrymore hosted Saturday Night Live when she was 7 years old!

Jay Leno has hosted Saturday Night Live once, on February 22, 1986.

The cast of Saturday Night Live - 2005 includes: Sajid Varda as Himself - Host

The cast of Mittermeiers Saturday Night Live - 2004 includes: Thomas Hermanns as Himself - Host Michael Mittermeier as Himself - Host

Jimmy Fallon was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998 to 2004, when he left to host Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

It was around October in 1992.

No muppet has ever hosted Saturday Night Live, but the television debut of Kermit the Frog was on The Ed Sullivan Show.

it is my understanding that Drew Barrymore was the youngest person to host SNL.

Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live during Season 35 on May 8, 2010 making her the oldest person to ever host SNL at the age of 88.

Saturday Night Live Happy Oodling )

No. But Emma Stone is trying to get him to host it.

On January 13,, 2018, the guest host of "Saturday Night Live" will be actor Sam Rockwell, who stars in the acclaimed film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." The musical guest: Halsey.

The first musician to host Saturday Night Live was Paul Simon. He hosted the 2nd episode, on the 18th of October 1975.The first person to double as both host and musical guest was Ray Charles on the 12th of November 1977.

April 1, 2011 was a Friday night. Saturday Night Live comes on Saturday nights. On Saturday, April 2, 2011, Elton John was the host, and Elton John and Leon Russell were the musical guests.

Since this answer changes from week to week, the best resource is the Official Saturday Night Live website, which will show you the host and musical guest on the front page.

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