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Who played paul drake on perry mason?

William Hopper

What has the author Paul J Perry written?

Paul J. Perry has written: 'Psychotropic drug handbook' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Psychopharmacology, Psychotropic drugs, Side effects

What has the author PAUL BLACKLEDGE written?


Played Paul Drake on Perry Mason actor?

William Hopper

What is the name of the dj in Kevin and perry go large?

Eye-Ball Paul.

Who was mason's private eye?

Paul Drake was Perry Mason's private detective.

What type of guitar does Joe perry play?

Gibson Les Paul type of guitar

A boy's name begin with the letter p?

Peter, Paul, Parker, Perry, PeeWee, Purdy

What Boy names start with the letter p?

Peter Paul Percy Phillip Preston Patrick Perry

What is a boy's name that starts with the letter P?

Paul, Peter, Patrick, Percy, Preston, Parker, Perry...

What has the author Paul N Spahr written?

Paul N Spahr has written: 'The water resources of Perry County, Ohio' -- subject(s): Water-supply, Groundwater

Is Paul Perry still with WROR?

Paul Perry still works at WROR 105.7 Boston on weekends. His schedule is Saturdays 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm and Sundays 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. It's such a pleasure to have him still on the radio in Boston.

Who all are the current running presidential candidates that have served in the US military?

Just Ron Paul, & Rick Perry?

Who stared as paul drake in perry mason?

During the ten-year run of the "Perry Mason" television series (1957-1966), William Hopper played the role of Paul Drake in more than two hundred episodes. Hopper was the son of actress/gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

Baby names that start with p?

Paul Patrick Perry Peter Pamala Peyton Patricia Penelope Phillip Pax

A boys name that starts with the letter p?

PeterPaulPhilip*PERCY (THE BEST)*Peyton/Payton*Payne*Pearson*Pierce*Perry & Phineas/ Phinehas :)*Prescott*Parker*Preston*Patrick (great one)*Pauli (kinda silly)*Pike*Perseus (Percy!!)PotterPaulPatrickPerryPeter

Name that starts with p?

Paris Paige Penelope Parker Payton Patricia Perry Peace Peter Paul/Paula Pat

Who ran against Romney in the republican primaries?

Newt Gingrich Ron Paul Rick Perry Herman Cain Michelle Bachman

Who are Tyler's Perry siblings names?

Yalanda perry , Emmbre perry , and Melva perry

What are the names or the people in the band perry?

kimberly perry red perry neil perry

Is Katy Perry related to Steve Perry?

no Katy perry is not related to Steve perry

Is Katy Perry sisters to Suzi Perry?

No, Katy Perry is not sisters to Suzi Perry. It is just that Suzi Perry has the same sure name a Katy Perry. Katy Perry does not have any sisters but only has a brother named James Perry.

What are boys names beginning with the letter P?

peter paul prince pablo paolo Patrick Percy perry Phil phillip pierce

What are some boy's name that start with the letter P?

Patrick and Paul Peter Percy Pablo Paco Parker Philip Perry Piers

Is Luke Perry brother of Katy Perry?

No, Luke Perry is not brothers with Katy Perry. Loads of people have the last name Perry.