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Prince Jackson is Michael Jackson's son. Prince Jackson often refers to Michael Jackson's first born son, however his youngest son is also named Prince but is referred to as Blanket.


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Prince Jackson is not a singer.

Michael's kids name are: Prince Michael Jackson ,Paris Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II .

Prince Michael Jackson is One of Michael's Sons

Prince Michael Jackson (12) Paris Jackson (11) Prince Michael Jackson II (7)

Prince, Michael Jackson was heavily in debt when he died.

Prince Michael Jackson has brown eyes Paris has blue eyes and Prince Michael Jackson 2 "blanket" has brown eyes.

Paris Jackson Now 22, Prince Jackson Now 23 And Prince Michael Jackson || Now 18

Prince and Paris Jackson only know English.

No, Prince was born in 1997 and Paris was born in 1998.

Prince Michael Jackson I, Paris Kathrine Jackson, Prince(Blanket)Michael Jackson II

Prince Michael Joesph Jackson was born of February 13, 1997.

Prince is older he was born in 1997, Paris was born in 1998.

As Michael Jackson is dead, Prince would be the wealthier one.

Debbie Rowe had Prince Michael Jackson in 1997.

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson.Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II (Blanket).

No Prince Michael is right handed like Michael Jackson, but Paris Jackson is left handed.

The SINGER Prince, who turned himself into a symbol, no. Prince Michael Joseph Jackson is Michael Jackson's son, yes.

no.prince is not relatd to Michael Jackson the singer "prince" is not related to Michael but Michael does have two boys named Prince!

The youngest child for Michael Jackson is Prince 'Blanket' Jackson.

Prince Michael Jackson,Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II

prince Michael Jackson II was born february 21st 2002

no! Michael's sons name is Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. ( eldest ) and Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a blanket ( youngest )

half brothers. from different mothers. but prince and Paris are full brother and sister.

Prince is 14 and Paris is 13.

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