Who is Prince The Ripper?

Updated: 3/22/2024
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"Prince the Ripper" is one of antagonist's from Japanese manga & anime "Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn".

His real name is "Belphegor" nicknamed "Bel", he is a member of the infamous mafia assassination squad known as "The Varia" and he holds the varia strom ring

The fact that he's royalty (a prince from a far off country) and he's considered to be an genius in assassination with knifes being his choice of weapon is what earned him the name "Prince the Ripper".

I tried to give you enough info without the possible plot spoilers just in case you intended to watch "Reborn" yourself... hope I succeeded...

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"Prince The Ripper" may refer to fictional or alternate character interpretations in media and entertainment, but there is no widely recognized figure by that name in history.

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Q: Who is Prince The Ripper?
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Jack rhe Ripper suspects?

Prince Albert Victor!

The nickname of belphegor?

Bel for short, and the nickname is prince the ripper

Was Jack the Ripper a prince?

To this day nobody knows for sure since he was never apprehended.

Was the Duke of Clarence Jack the Ripper?

Jack the Ripper was never caught. No one knows who he was. //Sir William Gull, physician ordinary to the Queen, most certainly was not Jack The Ripper. At the time of the Ripper muders, Dr. Gull was well into his 70's and had just previously suffered a dibiliating stroke that left him partially paralized. He was not a suspect at the time of the murders and to think that he committed these crimes is ridiculous.//

Why was Prince Albert Victor a suspect as Jack The Ripper?

London was overrun with conspiracy theories over the murders of Jack The Ripper. Adding fuel to the flame was the fact the the Prince enjoyed the company of women from the lower classes, who in fact gave him syphillis. So according to the rumors the Prince in a syphillitic frenzy took his revenge on these women for his disease. And of course, when Scotland Yard failed to catch the fiend, he had protection from his grandmother, the Queen. Had anyone bothered to check they would have found out in short order that the Prince as The Ripper would have been impossible. On at least 3 of the murders the Prince was not even in London.

What is the use of the ripper?

the ripper use to take persons soul in a game but for real there are no ripper.

What is the birth name of Michael Ripper?

Michael Ripper's birth name is Michael George Ripper.

What are some theories about Jack The Ripper?

There are not and never have been a shortage of theories about Jack The Ripper. There are the conspiracy theories that involve the Queen, Prince Albert and/or Sir Wm. Gull, the Queen's doctor. There was always talk that Scotland Yard knew who the Ripper was and instead of arrest he was commited to the insane asylum. There is the theory that the Ripper had to be a doctor ar have medical knowledge. Some others include the Freemasons, Jill the Ripper, Inspector Aberline as the killer, Jews, sailors, butchers, furriers, several well known actors, and these are only a few. Unfortunatly, theories don't make a case nor can they be proven in a court of law. So Jack The Ripper remains a mystery over 120 years after his crimes.

What is the duration of I Am the Ripper?

The duration of I Am the Ripper is 1.53 hours.

When did Ripper Crew die?

Ripper Crew died in 1999.

When was Ripper Crew born?

Ripper Crew was born in 1961.

When was The Green Ripper created?

The Green Ripper was created in 1980.