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2008-07-09 06:45:14 and search Billy Joe and Gerard Way aruging


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Rick Griffin was born on 1944-06-18.

Rick Griffin died on 1991-08-18.

Griffin Kohout goes by G-Man, JoeSTAT aka JoeySTAT, Rick, Pope, and G-Shook.

The cast of The Family Guy 100th Episode Celebration - 2007 includes: Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin Lacey Chabert as Meg Griffin Randy Crenshaw Ralph Garman Seth Green as Chris Griffin Jon Joyce Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin Phil LaMarr Rick Logan Kate Rigg Chris Sheridan Nicole Sullivan John Viener

Kathy Griffin's siblings are: Kenny griffin, joyce griffin, Gary griffin, and john griffin.

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griffin is good in basketball.

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Giff invented Griffin :)

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Griffin Marks's birth name is Griffin Daniel Marks.

The address of the Griffin-Spalding County Library is: 800 Memorial Drive, Griffin, 30223 4443

the griffin is part lion and eagle it has eagle wings so that's how a griffin can fly

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The web address of the Griffin Museum is:

Seth MacFarlane (peter griffin) Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin) Lacey Chabert/Mila Kunis (Meg Griffin) Seth Green (Chris Griffin) Seth MacFarlane (Stewie Griffin) Seth MacFarlane (Brian Griffin)

Peter Lowenbrau Griffin Stewart Gilligan Griffin Christopher Cross Griffin Lois Griffin Megan Griffin Lois & Meg have not been given middle names (yet)

Griffin is Carly's ex-boyfriend

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