Who is Robert Busen?

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Did Robert Bunsen have a wife and what is her name?

Robert Busen was not married.

Who invented the busen burner?

It Was Robert Bunsen.

Who invented the spectroscope and what were some of its first uses?


What year did Robert Bunsen invent the busen burner?

he invented a gas burner.

When was the busen burner created?

The Bunsen burner was designed in 1854 by Robert Bunsen, at The University of Heidelberg.

What is usually placed over a burner?


Why is alcohol referred to as booze?

The Old Dutch name for it was 'busen'. The Middle English name, taken from 'busen' was 'bousen'. This word was used as early as the 1300s.

What does a busen burner burn?

I think it burns gas.

When was the first busen burner sold?

between 1000AD and 5000AD

What is the purpose of the gauze mat?

It protects the tripod and the surface the busen burner is sitting on.

How do you get a big flame with the Bunsen burner?

how do you make the flame on busen burner bigger

Give two reasons why the yellow flame is safer on busen burner?

because you can see it

When the air hole of a busen burner what flame can you see?

Please ask a question that makes sense

How do you defroast cooked chicken?

with a busen burner. turn it up to full power and watch your chicken (and the house) explode.

Why is it necessary to use a protective mat under the Busen burner?

because it makes you burn up cause your a twit

What is a busen burner and how is it used?

A Bunsen burner is a type of equipment used in a laboratory that releases one adjustable gas flame. It is used for combustion, heating, and sterilization.

What would be another way of exciting the electrons without using a busen burner?

microwave Owen heats by exciting electrons directly without using a flame

Why is booze called booze?

The etymology is uncertain. It possibly derives from bowse or the Dutch word busen. A large liquid container is called a bowser so it may be a corruption of this.

What collage did dr seuss attend?

what collage did Dr. Seuss go to?

Who writes Dr. Seuss?

Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss is a real person. He is not a fictional, made up person writing as Dr. Seuss

What is the use of a gauze mat in a lab?

this defined use of a gauze mat is a peice of appuratus that is placed underneath the busen burner and prevents from the table heating up and sability for the use of the bunsen burner

How do you increase the temperature of a yellow flame coming out of a busen burner?

You can't it is always the same. You only use the blue flame to heat things because the yellow flame is the safety flame and the blue flame is hotter.

Why does turning the collar on a busen burner make the flame hotter?

Flames need air to expand and grow, or become hotter. The oxygen circles the flame and makes the flame alter. The collar allows air to get to the flame.

How do you say my name is Robert in spanish?

Me llamo Robert. (My name is Robert) Soy Robert. (I am Robert.)

What is 'Robert' in Romanian?

Robert is a Romanian equivalent of 'Robert'.