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Q: Who is Robert height's wife?
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In the short story cathedral who does Robert to visit?

The Narrator Wife. Robert's wife has just died and the wife and Robert are good freinds.

How long does heathcliff and his wife stay away from Wuthering Heights?

Heathcliff and his wife stay away from Wuthering Heights for about three years, during which time they travel and live outside of the estate.

Who is the girl in Niki FM by Hawthorne Heights?

jt woodruff wife

What was Dr J Robert Cade's wife's name?

Robert Cade's wife was Mary Strasburger Cade.She was a nurse from Dallas.

Who was Robert Morris wife?

His wife was Mary White

Does Robert pattingson have a girlfriend or wife?

Robert doesn't have a wife, but there's rumors about him dating Kristen Stewart

When was Robert Covarrubias born?

Robert Covarrubias was born on December 6, 1950, in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California, USA.

When did Robert Henry Hall die?

Robert Henry Hall died on December 29, 1914, in Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA.

What age did Robert Burns wife die at?

Robert Burns' wife, Jean Armour, died at the age of 38.

Do Robert Pattinson has a wife?


Did Robert Bunsen have a wife?

Robert Bunsen never married.

Who was Robert La Salle's wife?

Madeleine d'Allonne was his wife