Who is Saint Dougherty?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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There is no such canonized saint.

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Q: Who is Saint Dougherty?
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What has the author George V Dougherty written?

George V. Dougherty has written: 'The moral basis of social order according to Saint Thomas' -- subject(s): Justice, Catholic authors, Christian ethics

What is the birth name of Marion Dougherty?

Marion Dougherty's birth name is Marion Caroline Dougherty.

What is the birth name of Mathias Dougherty?

Mathias Dougherty's birth name is Mathias Patterson Dougherty.

When did Joseph Patrick Dougherty die?

George Samuel Dougherty died on 1931-07-16.

When did Ellen Dougherty die?

Ellen Dougherty died in 1919.

When was Pat Dougherty born?

Pat Dougherty was born in 1948.

When was Gill Dougherty born?

Gill Dougherty was born in 1961.

When did Joe Dougherty die?

Joe Dougherty died in 1978.

When was Joe Dougherty born?

Joe Dougherty was born in 1898.

When was Randall Dougherty born?

Randall Dougherty was born in 1961.

When did Nathan Dougherty die?

Nathan Dougherty died in 1977.

When was Nathan Dougherty born?

Nathan Dougherty was born in 1886.