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a really, really hot chick.

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Who is the lead singer in everlife?

either Amber Ross, Sarah ross or Julia ross

Who is the main singer in everlife the band?

Her Name is Julia Ross and her sisters who play guitars is Amber Ross and Sarah Ross.

Did Sarah Griscom teach Betsy Ross to sew?

Yes. Betsy Ross learned to sew from her aunt, Sara Griscom.

When did Betsy Ross learn how to sew?

Betsy Ross learned how to sew when she was a girl not an adult. Her Aunt Sarah taught her very well.

Is Ryan Ross still dating Sara?

Ryan has never dated Sarah. Brendon is dating Sarah and yes, they're still together.

When did Betsy Ross start to sew?

Betsy Ross learned to sew when she was a child, probably in the late 1750s, from her great-aunt, Sarah Griscom. There is a source link below.

What is Sarah Ross's official fan email address?

A public fan email address for Sarah Ross is not known at this time. WikiAnswers will not provide personal contact information for celebrities and noncelebrities alike.

Is brendon urie gay?

No, he has a girlfriend named Sarah Orzechowski, and NO he has never been in a relationship with Ryan Ross or any man (although I wish he was ;D)

What were Betsy Ross sisters and brothers named?

Her sisters are named Martha, Debbie, Susan, Rachel, Mary, Hannah, and Sarah and his brother's name is George.

Who are Betsy Ross grandparetns?

Betsy Ross' Grandparents went by the names of Andrew Griscom, (Griscom being Betsy's maiden name) and Sarah Griscom (Dole being her maiden name). Andrew was a Quaker Carpenter, who moved from England to Philidelphia to become a participant in Penn's "holy experiment". Both Andrew's sons become well known carpenters. Sarah was born in Whales

What are the ratings and certificates for The Burn with Jeff Ross - 2012 Ralphie May Amy Schumer J-B- Smoove Sarah Silverman 1-1?

The Burn with Jeff Ross - 2012 Ralphie May Amy Schumer J-B- Smoove Sarah Silverman 1-1 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

What actors and actresses appeared in The Meal - 2013?

The cast of The Meal - 2013 includes: Ross Armstrong as Waiter Chris Langham as Father Sarah Ovens as Daughter

A stage name to go with Sarah ie super Sarah?

-silly Sarah -spectacular Sarah -superb Sarah -super Sarah -amazingly cool Sarah hehe -Sarah the magnificent -singing Sarah -shining Sarah -Sassy Sarah -Spunky Sarah

Is Betsy Ross related to rick ross?

yes betsy ross is a g like rick ross

How many siblings does Diana Ross have?

According to an internet search Diana Ross had six siblings - 4 brothers and 2 sisters:Arthur "T-Boy" RossChico RossRita RossFred Ross, Jr.Wilbert "Ninja" RossBarbara Ross

How do you spell Sarah in German?

Sarah = Sarah.

In Ireland how do you say Sarah?

Sarah = Sarah

Who is george ross an uncle of Betsy ross or john ross?

John Ross, Betsy's maiden name was Griscom, she married into the name Ross, so George Ross would have to be on John's side of the family.

What actors and actresses appeared in Leave You in Me - 2007?

The cast of Leave You in Me - 2007 includes: Sarah Jaye as Fiona Andrew Ramaglia as Steve Samantha Ross as Couple Dominik Tiefenthaler as Couple

What actors and actresses appeared in Nausea - 2012?

The cast of Nausea - 2012 includes: Matt DuMont as David Justine Griffiths as Rebecca Kat Ross as Sarah Adam Toback as John

What actors and actresses appeared in Synchronicity in Retrograde - 2013?

The cast of Synchronicity in Retrograde - 2013 includes: Jane Hancock as Annie Meaghan Hewitt McDonald as Sarah Ross McKeachie as Jamie

What actors and actresses appeared in The Cottage - 2011?

The cast of The Cottage - 2011 includes: Romana Abercromby as Sarah Jim Frame as Jim Andrew Rothney as Neighbour Ross Scott as Stalker

Are Ted Ross and Diana Ross related?

It is not likely they are related given that Ted Ross was born Theodore Ross Roberts.

How do you write Sarah in Hebrew?

Sarah = שרה

What nicknames does Ross Bechtold go by?

Ross Bechtold goes by Ross Boss.

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