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Who is Selenas Gomez date?

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Selena Gomez last bf wan Nick Jonas and right now she is single and dose alot of traviling

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Who is selenas Gomez boyfriend?

its Taylor from twilight*

What is Selena gomez lucky colour?

selenas gomez lucky color is green

Is Sophia Gomez Selenas sister?

no selenas an only child but its all over facebook so the real question is! Who is this Girl?

What is Selenas full name?

Selena Kayleigh Marie Gomez.

What Selenas sisters names?

Selena Gomez is an only child.

What is Selenas favorite animal?

I would like to know what selenas favorite animal is so i can put it in my fact file about Selena Gomez!!!

Does Selena Gomez have a big but?

selenas butt her but is tiny [pancake cheeks}

What was Selena's childhood nickname?

selenas Gomez nick name is Marie.

Who is Selena Gomez favorite singer?

selenas favorate singer is paramore

What is Selenas mom look like?

like Selena Gomez but older

Top 50 facts about Selena Gomez?

selenas email is gomezselena.gomez113@gmail.com

What is Selenas dogs name?

if you're talking about Selena Gomez, it's chip

Is selenas Gomez parents divorced?

Yes, And then the mom got married again...

Who is Selenas Stepsister?

Angel gomez Sumpter. she is on Stardoll too her user name is ( realNnoo )

How many dogs does Selena gomez have?

Selena Gomez has 6 dogs.P.s justin and selenas dog is baylor.She only has 2 dogs :)

What is Selenas favorite place to shop at?

Salena Gomez favorite shopping place is New York

Who are Selenas Gomez cousins?

Britney Bagnell Brian bagnell and thomas truitt tricia bagnell

Is Hannah Montana pretter than Selena Gomez?

yes Selena Gomez is much Prettier and selenas voice is amazing Hannah sucks she is kinda pretty but not as much as Selena Gomez

What is selenas Gomez dogs names?

She has 6 dogs they are Willie Chip Fina Chazz Wallace Baylor

Who are selenas parents name?

Her mom is mandy teefy and her dad is ricardo joel gomez her parents are divorced

What was selenas sister named?

selena gomez has a sister called gracie elliot teefey

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