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Right now, The Jonas brothers manger is there father.

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What are the names of the Jonas brotherss' family?

Parents:Denise JonasPaul Kevin JonasSons:Nicholas Jerry JonasJoseph Adam JonasPaul "Kevin" JonasFranklin Jonas

How old is the Jonas brother's manager?

The Jonas Brothers manager is their dad

Who is joes current manager?

If you are talking about Joe Jonas, his manager is his father. ( Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. )

What is the name of the Jonas brother's manager?

The Jonas Brothers' manager is their dad. His name is Paul Kevin Jonas I. (he goes by Kevin) They sometimes call him "Dadager".

Who was the Jonas brothers first manager?

there first manager was there dad and still is there manager

Who is Demi Lovato's manager?

her manager is Kevin Jonas Sir. The Jonas Brothers' dad Demi said it in an interview

Who is Jonas brothers tour manager?

Their dad is their tour manager.

How can I contact Scott Jonas manager of the Jonas Brothers?

The JoBros don't have a manager named Scott Jonas. Their managers are Philip Mcintyre, Johnny Wright and their dad Kevin Jonas Sr. Also I know someone who knows their manager that;s how I'm getting backstage passes!!!!!!!!

Who is the management contact for Jonas Brothers?

techically, the Jonas brothers' manager is their dad.

Who is the Jonas Borthers manager?

A friend or family. Thier dad is co-manager.

Is mr Jonas a paster?

yes! Papa Jonas is a Pastor!! He is also the boys' manager!!

Who is the Jonas Brothers' manager?

Paul Kevin Jonas Sr. and Philip Macintyre

Where does Kevin Jonas Sr work?

He is the Jonas Brothers' manager. He used to be a pastor at a church.

Name of the Jonas Brothers' manager?

Paul Kevin Jonas. The first. Otherwise known to the Jonas Brothers as "dad".

Who is Jonas Brothers' manager?

The Jonas Brothers are managed by Johnny Wright, Philip Mcintyre and their father, Kevin Jonas I.

What does Jonas parents do?

Papa Jonas (Paul Kevin Jonas Sr) is the Jonas Brothers Manager. Mama Jonas (Denise Jonas) is still a full time mother to four beautiful boys.

Was the Jonas Brothers father a pastor?

Yes, he was, but right now, he is the Jonas Brothers' co-manager.

Does demi lavatolike one of the Jonas brothers?

She said that she doesnt like him ..maybe she does.not to sure though.. but im pretty sure she doesnt like them cos she would say so and theres no pictures of her andd one of the Jonas brotherss kissingg andd those things that miley and nick done;..i hope ive helped.

How can you contact the Jonas Brothers' manager?

now that is a tuff question i guess you will have to know the Jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!

How can you get in touch with Nick Jonas manager?

You have to have connections, Honey! John Fields and John Wright & Kevin Jonas Sr.

What is the Jonas Brothers fathers job?

Well, His job is the Jonas Brothers co. Manager. He handles all their songs and tours

What was the Jonas Brothers old tour manager for the burnin' up tour?

their manager has always been their dad and their uncle.tour manager??? i don't know

Who handles the Jonas Brothers management?

The Jonas Brother's dad, Paul Kevin Jonas Senior, is their manager. It keeps their dad busy and it also saves them a lot of money!

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