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Who is a bad team player?

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Anyone with a large ego. They just can't let you win, even if you are on the same side.

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Why did zidane headbutt the soccer player?

A player of the opposing team bad mouthed/said something insulting about Zidanes mother.

What team did Hernandez play in 2010?

Chivas in the major soccer league. he wasn't a bad player then aswell.

Are The Dragons in the NRL a bad team?

They are really a good team but a lot of people think they are a bad team.

What is locker room cancer?

A player with a bad attitude who's negativity has an adverse affect on the other players on his team.

Are you a team player or a team leader?

of course you are a player

Why are sports bad for children?

Sports are in no way bad for children, they may get an injury but they are learning life long lessons like being a team player and keeping fit

What can a bad team experience do to a person?

A bad team experience can make a person less willing to be part of a team, in the future.

When im on my manager mode on xbox and fifa 10 it says that i have a red card in the team but when i change the player it still says there is a player with a red card in the team Please help?

Are you putting the red carded player in your subs? if so that is why, you must put him in the reserves section of your team. if this is not what you are doing then your game is messed up real bad!!

How do you get a created player on a created team in madden NFL 10?

First create the team. Then create the player, and when you are asked what team the player will be on, choose your created team

Why are the Carolina Panthers so bad?

there not a bad team ...

What is another word for team player?

What is another word for Team Player?

Is it bad if you miss your first soccer game?

It's bad but not that bad.It's mostly bad for your coach(es) because the first game is what helps them figure out how the team really plays together in a competition and to figure out what position each player should play.It's bad for the player because the first game is usually very exciting and memorable.

How do you put created player on created team madden 12?

First you make the team 1st then make the player and assign the player to the team.

How are you a team player?

A team player is somebody that actually contributes to the "team" and is not lazy. Someone who is willing to go the extra mile for the team.

Do you see your self as a team player?

I am a good player as an individual and as part of a team.

What is defensive player in basketball?

a player that is on the team without the ball. the team that is trying to get back or steal the ball from the offensive team is the defensive team.

Does an nfl player have to accept the team that drafts him?

No. A team that drafts a player has one year to sign that player to a contract. If the team cannot sign the player because the player does not want to play for them, the team may trade the player to another team. If a drafted player has not signed a contract within one year of being drafted, that player may enter the draft again and be selected again.

What is the superlative form of the word bad?

The answer for your question: "the worst".eg: Roberto Carlos wasn't the worst player in the team, but not the best one either.

Which is correct grammar My team and I or My team and me?

Both may be correct. My team and I are ready to go, but This is bad for my team and me.

Why aren't the Dallas Cowboys very good?

Because they have a very bad mentality they play good with the good team and bad with the bad mean streak!

What makes you a good team player?

You should understand the need of the Team You should encourage the Team You should have the right understanding with all the team player

In Pokemon ruby is team magma the bad guys like in Pokemon sapphire team aqua is the bad guys?


Which team player is responsible for a toss in a netball game?

No particular team player is responsible for the toss, but the captain of the netball team

How do you use your Created player for your Created team in madden nfl 11?

go to rosters, then trade a player from your created team to whatever team you put your created player on.

What are the strengths of a team player?

A successful team player is one that contributes to the group. A team player also listens to others and values everyone's contributions, strengths, and attributes.

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