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Q: Who is a young person who trains knights?
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What is the sport in the sword in the stone?

The sport is jousting; an entertaining sport which also trains the knights. - still goes on.

What are knights in the Medieval Times?

Sons of lords or knights, trained from young age to become elite soldiers.

What was the person who carried shield and Armour for knights called?

A Squire was a young assistant to a knight. The position was usually attained at the age of 14 years old and done by a knight in training. His job was to carry and care for the knights weapons and horse.

What is instroctor?

It is a person who trains somebody.

What is a person who trains dancers called?

A Dance Instructor or Dance Teacher trains people how to dance.

What do knights use for traveling?

Nowadays they use 'planes, ships, cars, trains, buses etc. Much the same as anyone else.

What is a person who trains to go into space?

An Astronaut......

What is the word for a person who loves trains?


What was a young learning knight called?

what was a knights most ultimate reward

What is the person who trains the racing Greyhounds named?

The trainer.

What do you call a person who trains pigeons?

a pigeon trainer

What is A person who trains others?

i would say they are a trainer