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I believe the original was by 'The Turtles' but the guy singing in the advert is Peter Grant


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•It attracts not only adults but also children. For example, in the advertisement of milk, there are both imagines and music. The imagine of milking cows singing the song "so happy together" impresses many people. Children have fun and insist their parents to buy this kind of milk.

The song is actually "Makes Me Happy." It was sung in the special "Drake and Josh: Really Big Shrimp."

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The duration of So Happy Together - film - is 1.27 hours.

Happy Together - song - was created in 1967-02.

It actually is Happy together by the turtles. Hope this helped, and please recommend WoodWorkingMaster

The name of the song that loops before Howie Mandel is "Oh Happy Day," sung by the late Larry Hooper. The video on the screen is actually Hooper singing it on the Lawrence Welk show.

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"Happy Together" was written by Gary Bonner and Alan Gordon in 1967.

So Happy Together - film - was created in 2004.

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