Who is all john cenas best friends?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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john cenas best friend is Rey Mysterio. Even if the don't seem to be very nice behaved to each other in the ring, john cenas best friend is Rey Mysterio. ?maybe?

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Q: Who is all john cenas best friends?
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What is john cenas wife?


What is john cenas childhood?

he wrestled his brothers all the time

Where does john cenas brother live?

First, John Cena Does not have one brother. He has 4 Brothers. They All Live in West Newbury, Masschusetts.

How did john cenas mom die?

His mom is alive and dad and all of his 4 brothers

Who is the best friend of John Cena?

CORRECT ANSWER:John Cena's best friends out of the ring are Randy Orton and Johnny Nitro. Answer john cenas friend is goldbergAnswerhis best friend in the business is Randy Orton and Batista Answertha trade mark is his best friend there al ways to gethere they right songs together i mean there like family. buy cenas new album you cant see me its him and teademark that's tha treademarkyes spelt thaAnswerTha Trademark probably is his best friend. Answerfirst of all trade Marc is his cousin his best friend is his cousin Cena's best friendCena's best friend inside wrestling is Randy Orton outside is rand Orton, Bumpy Knuckles and Trademarc Answeri believe his name is Zach Pettigrew

What is john cenas favorite game?

well when he was a kid his favorite video game series COMMAND & CONQUER his "favorite game of all time."

Do the Cena Brothers all have girlfriends?

yes there all married I'm john cenas wife and I'm in wwe as one of the divas guess who i am P.S i am very popular

What is the name of John cenas music?

The time is now which wrote himself with trademark its off his album which is ace its number one on his CD you should all get if you haven't already

Whats john cenas girlfriends name?

ok well first of all i have to say tht john cena is totally friggen gorgous!!!!!!!!!second of all john cena doesnt have a girlfriend currently.August 21, 2008 Cena is currently dating Mickie James

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I AM JOHN ADAMS I hated all people and kats I hate everybody I has no friends whatsoever george washignston was dum!

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