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Q: Who is are better managers females or males?
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Who humps better males or females?


How are females better than the males?

They are not better.

Are females better than males at gaming?


Who has better reflexes males or females?

They are the same.

Who has better memory females or males?

women of course

Who has a better throwing accuracy males or females?

Males of course because they have more muscle.

Why do males do better in running events than females?

they are smarter!

Why do you argue whether males or females or better?

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Why do males need more physical activity than females?

Why do males tend to have better cardiorespiratory fitness than females

Are female hamsters better to have than males?

No. Females fight in the cage like males, too.

Do males have better reflexes than females?

no way dudes! females have the best reflex out of all organisms!

What is figueroa's framework used for?

to calculate why males are better than females