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To be fair mate. That's what im searching for. Im on acid right now like still in the peak. and I do n't know but for somereason now im looking for something, I dobt really know


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If aunty is used as a part of the propernoun as in Aunty Sally or as a direct address as in -Give me my dress, Aunty; then, it should be in capital letter.

Aunty = "Atthai" (அத்தை)

Aunty is correct answer............

Tante is the translation of Aunty to German.

what do u call aunty in malayalam

Ammayi is the Malayalam word for "aunty."

go and ask aunty. she will tell u mental.

Aunty Lindsay in French is Tante Lindsay.

The spelling is either aunty or auntie, and would normally be capitalized (Aunty, Auntie) if used as direct address or for a specific person.

My aunty makes the best apple pie in the world.I am going to see aunty Melissa tonight.My mothers sister is my aunty.NOTE: Aunty and Auntie are both the accepted spelling of the word. Aunty is the informal form of the word, many schools prefer the use of auntie instead, which is the formal word. But it really doesn't matter which you use.

Aunty Kiko has written: 'A Kenyan Christmas'

Auntie is the usual spelling, but aunty is a variant.

Aunt is said as Aunty in Punjabi. Aunty can be used for any stranger female older than us. It is not just for relatives.

pippin is 5 years old and aunty mabel 62

Aunty Jack Sings Wollongong was created in 1974.

The cast of Aunty Gs - 2004 includes: Rajeev Chhibber as Uncle G Sathya Jesudasson as Aunty G

Radha was not Krishna's aunty. She was his childhood Friend.

Well, you could start by using the right word. The indefinite article for aunty is "an" not "a."

whaea kēkē would probably the most accurate word/phrase meaning aunty. However there are other variations that mean aunty/mother. These are whāea, whaea and kōkā.

Aunt = oba-san (おばさん) Aunty = oba (おば)

Aunty's if you call her Aunty; Auntie's if you call her Auntie.

"Great aunty" in English is grande zietta in Italian.

hatty Perkins killed Aunty Ayla by cutting the rope

The cast of Aunty - 1995 includes: Chinna Jayasudha Brahmanandam

Aunty em has been sending the statues to MISS GULCH.

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