Who is barry goldwater?

Barry Goldwater was a US Senator for Arizona, and a supporter of the Republican supporter. He was one of the most influential members who took the Republican party in a more right-wing direction, often campaigning against welfare programs and the Soviet Union. His most famous quote is "Extremism in defence of liberty is no vice" and this has been seen recently amid Libertarian protests against the Obama administration.

Goldwater campaigned for President in 1964 but his far-right views alienated large numbers of moderate Republicans. Furthermore, it had only been a year since the assassination of John F Kennedy and most people were prepared to keep Lyndon B Johnson as President. Johnson's campaign portrayed Goldwater as insane and liable to cause a nuclear war, and it worked; the Democrats won by a landslide.

Goldwater lost his Senate seat in the election, but returned in 1969 and remained in the Senate until the 1960s, when he retired and was replace by John McCain.