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Who is better - the Packers or the Bears?


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May 04, 2010 12:15AM

The Chicago Bears lead the all time series 91-82-6. They also are one of two teams still in existence when the league was founded (the other being the Chicago Cardinals, who subsequently moved to St. Louis, then Arizona.)

The Chicago Bears Founder, George Halas, is largely credited with the founding of the league and its creation. He was also know as a very innovated coach who created the standard T-formation used in virtually all levels of football.

The Chicago Bears have the Most Hall of Fame players and coaches at 26. They also have the most franchise wins with over 700.

The Packers have the most NFL titles with 12. The Bears have the second most with nine.

Some Packers fans argue this is enough to declare their team as superior. They are alone in that school of thought.

Packers fans brag about the Superbowl Trophy is named after a Packers Coach. They fail to mention that it was named the same year he died. Lombardi doesn't even have the distinction of having won the most championships. He had five, George Halas won six.

Packers fans also offer such great bits as: "as we say in greenbay the bears still stink", this is typical of Packers Fans who deny the Bears despite all their accomplishments, and think no other team has any merit. Around 1985 packer's fans released a song called "The Bears Still Suck", It is largely believe to be made from pure jealousy, as the 1985 Bears were widely considered one of the best ever.