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Orton easily because he has more to him he is a way better decorated superstar then cena and batista

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Who is a better wrestler John Cena or Randy Orton?

randy orton is better john cena is also good but randy is better

What collage did Randy Orton go to?

Ohio Valley Wrestling with john cena and batista

Does john cena and Randy Orton smoak?

John Cena doesn't but Randy Orton does

Are Randy Orton and John Cena brothers?

No, Randy Orton and John Cena are not brothers.

Who is Triple H rival?

Actually it's rivals and they are The Undertaker, Randy Orton, Batista, and John Cena.

Who is older Randy Orton or john cena?

John Cena is 32 and Randy Orton is 29.

Do John Cena and Randy Orton have wives?

Only randy Orton is married . John Cena is unmarried.

Is john cena and randy orton gay?

Randy Orton is married and has a daughter and john cena is apparantly engaged

Is Randy Orton and John Cena friends?

Randy And Cena are best friends and have been since their day at Ohio Valley. why randy orton and john cena are fighting?

How much time Randy Orton beat john cena?

how many time john cena beat randy orton i love to randy freind with john cena

Who is better John Cena or Randy Orton?

i say cena and Morrison r the best and sheamus is the worst

Who is stronger john cena or Randy Orton?

John Cena though he is on roids and Randy Orton is not... so naturally Randy OrtonYou wish John cena ain't on roids. if he was his body will be stronger than that and it will become red

Is john cena and Randy Orton cousins?

No, John Cena and Randy Orton are not cousins. Cousins of Randy Orton include Damon, Fass, Charlie, Matthew, Cody, Clarence Omarion, and Scott-Danylson Orton.

Do Randy Orton and john cena smoke?

No randy Orton does not smoke after his daughter's birth

Is Randy Orton going to beat John Cena at summerslam for the wwe championship?

John Cena will be the winner I think John Cena should be winning this match .He is a better champion then Randy Orton in any case.John Cena should be winning and I am a hundred percent sure that John Cena will win in any case . August 13, 2008 Well since Orton is injured and neither one of them are the champ and they are not wrestling each other at SS the answer would be neither will win i think randy orton will cheat cause his fighting is not good and he broke batista arm and the only thing john cena did that was carry the big show

Who is going to win in night of champions 09 for the WWE champion john cena hhh or Randy Orton?

Randy Orton is going to win, he will drop the title at Summerslam, but win it back, and hold it until wrestlemania 26 where he will face batista and cena in a triple threat match.

Is Randy Orton better than john cena?

Well now that cena is no longer a rapper and a marine it is a close one. Cena is the better of the two even though he has a very boring gimmick, cena is now beginning to develop more moves whereas orton still has his stale 5 moves (cena has 6 lol). Cena Rapper Gimmick>Stone Cold>Cena Marine Gimmick>Cena Superhero Gimmick>Randy Orton

Is Randy Orton sexier than John Cena?

randy orton is sexier ....john cena is cuter . if that doesn't answer it for you than i can't help you

Can you name all the WWF WWE Champions?

The Undertaker Edge John Cena Jeff Hardy Matt Hardy Batista Randy orton

Who has been in the WWE longer Randy Orton or john cena?

ahh tuff question i think cena has...Randy made his debut 2 months before Cena did. So Randy Orton, just

Does hate john cena Randy Orton?


Will john cena and Randy Orton ever be tag team champs?

Randy Orton and john cena are enemy's so they will never team up

How is better john cena or Randy Orton?

Randy Orton is very malignant and has a huge ego. While John Cena is very honest and speaks his own mindand he is definitely not malignant! I love John Cena and alwayswill!!BTW the Miz is awesome RETARDED!!

Can you ever meet john cena Randy Orton and batista?

Its possible. Go to live WWE shows, people run into wrestlers all the time at them.

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