Who is better drake or ludacris?


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You already know the answer Ludacris of course.

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baby. as was Jasmine V, Lil Twist, and Ludacris

Ludacris is lyrically better but Ti is not far from him but if it went down again with the drama Ludacris would deliver a way harder diss track than ti could ever come out with, but dr.dre and eazy e will kill ludacris in a rap battle!

Ludacris. No question. In baby they both give a great performance which shows they are equal.

My favorite rappers are... Eminem B.O.B Lil' Wayne Ludacris Jay Z Snoop Dog Drake

Drake Bell is better looking than Josh.

Adrian Drake King has a better ring than Drake Adrian King.

No. Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as "Drake," is Jewish.

Both shows are good, but in my opinion Drake and Josh is better. Nothing can replace Drake and Josh.

Yes Justin bieber is so much better then drake.

Sol Republic Tracks HD are more expensive but better than Soul by Ludacris SL150. Sol Republic Tracks HD offer a 3.5mm input and a microphone; Soul by Ludacris SL 150 does not offer these options.

There are several rappers who are known to wear the clothing brand, Crooks and Castles. These include Drake, Kanye West, and Ludacris.

2pac definitely he is a better raper and singer that Drake is just a beginner 2pac is a legend

definatly soulja boy because he gots a better voice beat who ever thinks drake is better is a retard.

Drake because he is just the better rapper

Ludacris is an American rapper.

No, but it depends on what you like. Some people like iCarly better then Drake & Josh & some people like Drake & Josh better then iCarly. It doesn't matter of what you like, it depends on what you think.

yes drake and josh are better becase they have 10000 fans and icarly only have 1000

jay-z carrys along with the beat better and drake is a vegitarian

According to my personal opinion, Lil Wayne is a better rapper and musician than Drake.

1. Eminem 2. Jay Z 3. Lil Wanye 4. Ludacris 5. Drake

No, Ludacris is African American....

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