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Who is better randy orton or hhh?


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Randy Orton is better but triple h

Have a laugh, Triple H would batter Randy Orton.


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He broke his colarbone in a match against HHH

HHH lost because of Batista was about to hit orton witha chair and orton Won then by landing a RKO followed by a punt to the head of the Game!!!

Because murder is a crime.

I do not think so. Randy Orton is better.

randy orton is better john cena is also good but randy is better

hhh is betvean randy ortan and rey mistirio

No he's not, Randy Orton is better in my opinion.

Hhh jeffhardy kane undertaker randy orton bookert

john cena shames randy Orton hhh ted babyis

yes he is injured cuz you know he has injured batista hhh and rick flare and now hhh is back and orton is injured.

yes he might be better,but randy orton is hotter

Undertaker is better because he beat Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 21

yes he did because,Randy Orton got a sludge hammer and tried to attack hhh with it but hhh reversed it and did the punt kick whatever he calls it while randy was getting the hammer but out of nowhere hhh used the punt on the legend killer,hhh picked up orton and when randy was dizzy hhh ran and hit the hammer or should i say he driiled it on ortons shoulder and that where orton got serously injured in the past and the present and hhh hid hammer inside the blanket of the ring and picked up randy and deliverd the pedigree and got the pin 1...2...3...

big show and randy orton and hhh have a hummer

No. All the fights in the WWE are mostly storylines.

Randy Orton is WAY better than Randy Savage people i mean do the work! Randy Savage is a cheater!

Yes They Had A Real Fight In Real Life

Current WWE Champion: Randy Orton Last WWE Champion: Triple HHH

no randy orton is because edge made vickee g. the manger of raw! :( :( :( :( :(

a tag team made up of Randy Orton Ric Flair hhh and Batista they formed Feb. 3 2003 and disbanded Oct. 3 2005 Then reformed earlier in 2014 as just hhh, orton, and batista

Randy Orton, his loss on Smackdown was Christians fault so he definitely could have beaten him

With his foot.kicks someone in the head really hard with his foot like on Vince and Shane and HHH

I think hhh will win tournament and randy orton will retain

Triple H No HHH was not Cena's best man at his wedding, Randy Orton was.

yes they used to hat him because of the hhh rivalry but now they love him

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