Who is black zetsu?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Who is black zetsu?
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What is black Zetsu's favorite color?

Black Zetsu, a character from the Naruto anime and manga series, is typically associated with the color black. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that Black Zest's favorite color would be black.

Which manga chapter of naruto did zetsu stab madara?

This happened in Naruto Shippuden Chapter 678, Black Zetsu Betrays Madara.

Why is Zetsu half white and half black?

Zetsu is half white and half black because (SPOILER ALERT) white Zetsu is an artificial life form that was created by Madara Uchiha with Hashirama Senju's DNA. When Madara was dying (the proper one, if you didn't know, not the re-encarnated one or Tobi/Obito pretending to be him) he infused part of his will into White Zetsu, creating his other personality, Black Zetsu.

Is zetsu dead?

Zetsu(Kanji Name,ゼツ) Is Dead.It Was Shown In Japan.It Hasen't Been Released In America Yet.It Will Be In America On April 10,2010.You Can Find This Information On NarutoInfo4U.Com,But The Site May Not Be There No More Due To Violations.Later in Shipuden Sasuke joins the Akatsuki and goes to the Kage meeting. To watch Sasuke and team Taka Tobi makes Zetsu spilt into two sides. His white side and his black side.Later, in the chapter where all the kages have a meeting the Raikage ends up breaking the white Zetsu's neck and then Tobi later stabs the dead Zetsu in the head (Double dead?)After that there are shots of several of the white Zetsu's scattered dead. It is likely that Zetsu is still alive because the black side of Zetsu was never found dead and earlyer before all those Zetsus died he had said he'd sent his shadowcloneswith Sasuke.It might be that the white Zetsu is dead but it's unlikely, and the black side is definatly not dead... Yet.It seems though that Kishimoto is killing the Akatsuki so eventually Zetsu is probably going to die.

What happened to Zetsu black haft after he split into two?

If you look closely on the show or book you will see that the black side is actuly growing more black

Does zetsu survive?

Zetsu is still alive, for now.

Who does zetsu eat?

Zetsu is a cannibal he eats humans.

Who is zetsu in naruto Shippuden?

Zetsu is a member of the Akatsuki. he seems to resemble a plant due to his Venus flytrap extensions on either side of his head.. he has a white side and black side, each with there own personalities.

Is zetsu human?

Zetsu was created from Hashirama Senju's cell.

Who killed zetsu from naruto?

Sasuke killed Zetsu, It's highly debated that Zetsu was pulling off a Bunshin however.

Who is stronger Naruto or zetsu?

naruto is way stronger zetsu can't fight

Does zetsu like pie?

Zetsu likes pie,but only human flavor.