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blink-182 is a pop punk band originated from California. They are known to be the kings of Pop Punk and they are also know to have "perfected" pop punk. They have amazing songs that are very catchy such as "What's My Age Again?", "All The Small Things", "Wendy Clear", "Dumpweed", "Feeling This", "The Rock Show". blink-182 members are Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. They are awesome and kids at heart in other words immature but they are so lovable <3 blink-182 have released their new album called "Neighborhoods" and so be sure to check it out!
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How did Blink 182 break up?

Blink-182 Blink-182 broke up in Feb 2005. Tom Delonge started controlling everything and Mark and Travis didn't like it. Tom decided when they toured, where they toured and so forth. Tom Delonge went on to form Angels and Airwaves and Mark and Travis went to form +44. Mark (bass,vocals), Tom(gui ( Full Answer )

Who is blink-182?

Blink-182 is an American pop punk band, they formed in 1992. The members of 2011 are, Tom DeLonge Mark Hoppus Travis Barker.

What are opinions on Blink 182?

An amazing punk rock band which are really good to calm down to especially if your under stress. listening to songs like 'whats my age again?' and 'i miss you' because they are calm and good for rewinding. however they are good for raving to especially songs like 'first date' and 'feeling this'. ove ( Full Answer )

Who is in blink 182?

\n. \n. \nTravis barker- Drummer\nTom Delonge- Guitarist/vocalist\nMark hoppus- Bassist/vocalist\nit is worth noting that blink 182 is not together anymore\n. \nEdit: They are now together again

Is blink 182 gay?

No, none of the members are gay, some say that they may be bisexual but none of them are gay. They are awsome.

What is Blink 182 mailing address?

You can send mail to: Mark Hoppus Media Talent Group 9200 Sunset Blvd. Suite 550 West Hollywood, CA 90069 USA Tom DeLonge Rick Devoe management 3232 Governor Dr, Suite B San Diego, CA 92122-2931 USA Travis Barker Famous Stars & Straps 1840 S. Milliken Avenue Ontari ( Full Answer )

Who are the members of blink 182?

the 3 members of blink 182 are tom delonge, travis barker and mark hoppus. travis barker replaced Scott rayner as drummer Scott only did 3 early albums. tom is the guitarsist and singer. mark is the bassist and singer. travis is the drummer.

Is it blink-182 or Blink-182?

It seems on all of their albums they use: blink-182 Here is proof in google images: http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=blink-182+albums - hotfoot982 illegallyinfected.com whats the difference? it's exactly the same either way.

Is blink 182 Christian?

Travis barker has multiple religious tattoos and tom is a open Christian but i don't know about mark.

Why did blink 182 spilt up?

Mark and Travis wanted to go on another tour (their last tour was in Dublin) but Tom wanted to take some time to go to his family (older brother, younger sister) so blink 182 went on an "indefinite hiatus" when the manager called mark and trav to tell them that tom quit the band. Tom wouldn't even ( Full Answer )

What were the nine albums from Blink 182?

buddah, cheshire cat, dude ranch, enema of the state, take off your pants & jacket, b-side files, mark tom & travis show (live), greatist hits, & blink-182 (self-titled) not in order

How many songs does blink 182 have?

They have released or performed 115 different songs, of which 104 are own compositions and 11 are cover songs.

Is blink 182 a Christian band?

No, and they will never be They don't exactly sing Christian music, but all the members say that they are Christian. Travis has countless religious tattoos and Tom, if you've ever heard an Angels an Airwaves song, is obviously very faithful.

How did Blink-182 get its name?

Although tom and mark will make up crazy sayings as to how blink got their name...\nit was really just a random number.\nyou can find it out in their semi-autobiography\n"Tales From Beneath Your Mom"

How many blink 182 CD's are there?

Blink-182 has 6 albums released, 8 including "Greatest Hits" and their EP, and have another album to be released soon.. The seven albums in chronological order are: "Cheshire Cat", "Buddha", "Dude Ranch", "Enema of the State", "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket", and the self-titled "Blink-182".. ( Full Answer )

What is blink 182 tour schedule?

July 24: Las Vegas July 28: Vancouver July 30: Calgary, AB July 31: Edmonton, AB Aug. 1: Saskatoon, SK Aug. 2: Winnipeg, MB Aug. 4: Milwaukee Aug. 6: Boston Aug. 7 Quebec City, QC Aug. 8: Montreal Aug. 9: Wantagh, NY Aug. 12: Hershey, PA Aug. 13: Cincinnati Aug. 14: Pittsburgh Aug. 15: Chicago Aug. ( Full Answer )

Who is better metallica or blink 182?

Blink 182, because metallica is a bunch of overrated losers that just cry about napster, and blink is an amazingly talented group(especially travis.)

Where can you find a blink 182 demo?

Ebay is your best chance of buying one. I wouldn't advise you to buy a flyswatter cassette demo tape as 80% of them are fake. you can always try go to www.blink-182collection.com and try your luck there.

Why is blink 182 named blink 182?

Tom just thought of the "blink" part off the top of his head, butafter they were threatened with a lawsuit by an Irish pop bandcalled Blink, they added 182 onto the end of their name. They got their 182 from the movie Scarface, because that is howmany times the main character (Tony Montana) says "f ( Full Answer )

What does the 182 in Blink-182 mean?

the original names was blink but after a british band named blink threatened to sue they added the 182 it means f**k rb. he (TOM DELONGE) hates rancho bernardo because he went to school there. blink is a hidden name for the f word, then 182: r is the 18th letter in alphabet and b is the second s ( Full Answer )

Who is the singer to blink 182?

They don't really have a lead singer. Tom Delonge (the guitarist) and Mark Hoppus (the bassist) both do vocals pretty evenly, so neither of them is really lead.

When did blink 182 become a band?

Correct answer: They formed in 1992. End of sentence. Couldn't have met before then. Tom met Anne Hoppus when he had to switch schools after being kicked out. After a while she decided to introduce him to her brother, Mark. This was the 91-92 school year.

Who composed feeling this by Blink 182?

Tom AND Mark both wrote it. They each wrote it as two separate songs then combined the results together. Tom wrote the verses and Mark wrote the chorus.

Who is the founder of Blink 182?

Tom Delonge was a friend of Mark's younger sister Anne back in highschool, he kept telling her he wanted to form a band. So then Anne introduced him to Mark who was also dying to start a band. Mark tried to impress Tom the first time they met by climbing a light post in front of his house and jumped ( Full Answer )

Have blink 182 reformed?

YES! But they're not calling it a reunion. They'd like to think of it as a continuation as they were able to immediately return to where their friendships had been before things got bad.

What were blink-182's beginnings?

Blink-182 started With Mark Wanting to make a band and Marks sister Introduced him to Tom in 1992. They met Scott Raynor in a club and they formed blink. They played their first song "Carousel" In Scott's Room. They Recorded their demo tape Flyswatter, and soon after recorded Demo Tape #2 Then they ( Full Answer )

Why is the leader of blink 182 in jail?

he's not his names Mark Hoppus www.himynameismark.com - that's his blog. the other people in the band are called Tom and Travis... neither of them are in jail either.

How much is blink-182 worth?

There is no net worth for the band itself Tom's is around $60 million Travis' is around $70 million and Mark's is around $60 million as well.

Why did Blink 182 call themselves that?

Originally Duck Tape, changed their name to Blink, but had to add 182 (random number) because of Irish band with the name Blink

How old are Blink 182 members?

Mark Allan Hoppus (born March 15, 1972) 38 Travis Landon Barker (born November 14, 1975) 34 Thomas Matthew "Tom" DeLonge, Jr. (born December 13, 1975) 34

Did blink-182 copy Nirvarna?

No. They did use a line from their song "Adams Song" that makes a reference to a line Nirvana had used but, its not a direct quote.

What is does the name blink 182 means?

Not sure where 'blink' came from but they were originally going to be called just blink but some Irish band already had the name, and at the time, Mark was trying to lose weight and his ideal weight was 182lbs and he had post-it notes all over his house with '182' on to remind him, so that's how the ( Full Answer )

Who sang all of this by blink 182?

The lead singer from the band The Cure - Robert Smith, while Tom DeLonge, blink 182's guitarist provides backing vocals.

What are two songs by blink-182?

1. All the small things 2. First date I don't really know any of their other songs. So that's all I've got.

Does Blink 182 break up?

Blink 182 formed in 1992 and went on hiatus in 2005. Tom formed the band Angels and Airwaves, while Travis and Mark formed +44. In 2009 Blink 182 got back together and as of 2010 are recording a new album.

Who is holly in blink 182 songs?

Holly is a girl who dated Tom De Longe in high school and used him to get to his older brother and then she dumped him... "Use me Holly, c'mon and use me" in "All Of This".

Who are the original members of blink-182?

Mark Hoppus (Lead Singer, bass) Tom DeLonge (Lead singer, guitar) Scott Raynor (Former Drummer) 1994-1997/98? Now its Mark Hoppus (Lead Singer, bass) Tom DeLonge (Lead singer, guitar) Travis Barker (Drummer)

Who started blink 182?

Bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, guitarist and vocalist Tom Delonge, and their old drummer, Scott Rayner :)

What people are in blink 182?

There is Tom DeLonge on guitar and vocals, Mark on bass and vocals, and Travis on drums! :)

Why is Blink-182 so amazing?

Easy. Because they are Blink-freaking-182. They're funny, unique, and even throw in a meaningful song once in a while.

Are blink 182 religes?

I think so because if you read the thanks yous in the lyrics booklets that come with the album they usually thank God first. In the Enema Of The State thank you's, the first line is 'Thank you God, for the opportunity to do something we love." and in the self-titled album thank yous, the first thing ( Full Answer )

When did blink 182 become popular?

dude ranch period and then hit the big time with enema of the state big selling song like " all the small things" and " whats my age again" and also "adams song"

Are Blink 182 successful?

Yes. They are very successful, worldwide tours, sold out arenas and celebrity status. They have sold 35 million albums worldwide in their career so far. Their biggest success came in 1999 with Enema of the State which sold 15 million copies worldwide and was followed up in 2001 with Take Off Your Pa ( Full Answer )