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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is respectably called as Mahatma Gandhi; the Father of the Nation.

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Who is called the father of decimal system?

Aryabatha from india.

Who was called father of white revolution in India?

Dr. Verghese Kurien is regarded as 'Father of white Revolution'.

Who first called Gandhi as father of India?

rabindra nath tagore

Who is called the father of nation in India?

Mohan Lal Karamchand Gandhiji

Who was called the Father of local Self government in India?

lord Ripon

Who is called the 'Father of the White Revolution' in India?

vargeese kurian

Is Gandhi the father of India?

Yes. Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of India.

Which is the largest country in India?

Who is called the father of educational sociology

Why did they call Gandhi Bapu?

They called Gandhi Bapu because he was basically the father of India. Bapu is an Indian word meaning "Father."

Who is the father of India?

mohan das karamchand ghandhi is known as father of india

What is father Christmas called in India?

asdfghjkl;jkdhg yo yo mehamma carizma bo bo bo yada yada zing zang. gkajijsilkdihglak = father Christmas over here in India

Why is raja ram mohan roy called father of modern India?

Raja ram mohan roy is correctly called the "father of modern India" because he was the first to realize need of learning english, mathematics, science and western technology to meet the competition which India could face from other developed nations like USA.

Who is the father of white revolution in India?

Dr Verghese Kurien is the father of white revolution in india

Who is the father of ecology in India?

Ram Deo Misra (1908-1998) was the father of ecology in India.

Who is the father of biotechnology in India?

no one is father of biotechnology in India it mother name is Kiran Mazumdar

Who is Grandfather of Indian Nation?

While Gandhi is called Father of India, Swami Dayanand is to be called as Grandfather of India since Dayanand is the political father of the Father of the Nation - what Gandhi practised to achieve freedom, Dayanand had preached taught and practised a century ago in 1876 when Mohan Das Gandhi was only 7 years old.

When did yoga start and where did it start?

Yoga started 5000 years ago. It is originated from India. Patanji who called the father of yoga started and it first started from India.

What does aba mean in India?

it means father in India.

Who is known as The Father of the White Revolution in India?

Verghese Kurien is known as The Father of White Revolution in India.

Who was the father of social reforms in India?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the father of social reform in India.

What has a country with a hero named mahatma?

The country that has a hero who is named Mahatma might be the country of India. Mahatma Gandhi is sometimes called the father of India and is considered to be a hero.

Is there a Father Christmas in India?


Who is a father of India?


Who is the father of blue revolution in India?

who is the father of the blue revlution

Why is Dr Vikram Sarabhai called the father of astronomy?

Dr Vikram Sarabhai in not called the father of astronomy. He is, however, considered to be the father of the Indian space program because he founded and lead the Physical Research Laboratory, an institute that is considered to be the cradle of space science in India.