Who is charlie hustle from Cincinnati?

Charlie Hustle is Pete Rose. He earned that nick-name through his hard work and sheer hustle playing for the Cincinnati Reds early in his baseball career. He was a much valued baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds (or "Big Red Machine"), holds the all-time career hit record in Major League baseball. He (and several other Cincinnati Baseball legends) led the Cincinnati Reds to the World Series in 1970. 1972, 1976 and1977. And the team he built as manager of the Cincinnati Reds was the first baseball team ever to go wire-to-wire (first place team the entire season) and win the World Series in 1990. However in 1989 Pete Rose was banned from Baseball for life due to a betting scandal so the 1990 team Pete Rose built was managed by Lou Piniella.

Pete Rose (aka Charlie Hustle) is still a much-loved figure in Cincinnati.