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Q: Who is cubas major trading partner?
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Who is cubas number one trading partner?

The People's Republic of China is Cuba's number one trading partner.

Who are cubas major trading partners?

Canada Netherlands China Spain

What Canada's major trading partner?

The USA is Canada's biggest trading partner

What is Canada's major trading partner's?

The USA is Canada's biggest trading partner

Who is Romania's major trading partner?

The European Union.

Which country is Zimbabwe's major trading partner?

south africa

Who is the major trading partner in Europe?

Germany, UK, France

What are the major trading partners of Ethiopia?

Germany was the top trading partner for several years now

Who is the EU main trading partner?

The UKs major export partner is US 14.71%, and the major import partner is Germany 12.87%.

Who is America's largest trading partner?

the major trading partners are India, Australia and new zeland

What was cubas major export in 1900?

Hookers andChristmastrees.

Where does Ireland exports their goods to?

All over the world, but a major trading partner is the United Kingdom.