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Director D is the Director of the "friendly" spy agency on Spy Island. He will give you the assignment to rescue the three kidnapped spies. He is in Headquarters, the large building where you arrive on the island.

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What is the villain on spy island on Poptropica?

director d

What do you do in spy on poptropica?

On spy island, you stop B.A.D. and its leader Director D.

Who will rescue you from the cage on spy island?

Director D of course

What is the answer in the letter in spy island?

donit trust director d

How do you find Director D in Poptropica Spy Island?

He is in the headquarters building, the first building to the right on Spy Island.

Where is director D's headquarters on spy island?

The (good guys) Spy Headquarters is right where you land on Spy Island : the tall shiny building. Enter and go upstairs to get your mission from Director D.

Are you done after you defeat Director D in poptropica spy island?


How do you get out of the place where Director D left you in spy island Poptropica?

Follow Director D through the transporter to the laser satellite.

How do you become a spy on spy island?

Talk to Director D at the Spy Headquarters. He will give you your mission. (see related question)

How do you see Director D on spy island?

Director D is in the spy headquarters adjacent to where the Poptropica blimp lands. Go to the second floor to get your information on the three missing spies.

Which part of headquaters is director d in of poptropica spy island?

command deck

How do you read file x on spy island?

don't trust director d

What does file x say at spy island?

Don't trust director d

Where do you find director d on spy island?

He is at Headquarters, the big building on Main Street of Spy Island. Go to the second floor to get your assignment.

Why can't you trust director d on spy island?

He is secretly a member of the B.A.D. (Bald and Dangerous) spy group.

On poptropica in spy island how does dr spy glass know your from director d?

You click on the opposite to the one he is pointing to.

How do you find director d in poptropca?

You can find him in the HQ on spy island or rarly on Realtiy tv island.

What do you do after defeating Director D on spy island?

Once you defeat the satellite robots, you will be back at the Headquarters and receive your Island Medallion. You are also promoted to Director of the spy agency. (see related question)

Who gives you the island medallion for spy island?

When you have defeated the minibots and director D, you are transported back to Spy headquarters to receive the Medallion. You are also made the new Director.(see related question)

Where is the head quarters where director d is in poptropicacom?

you can find headquarters in spy island on the press spy island then head right not so far along its there

What is there to do on spy island poptropica?

you need to find the missing spies then defeat director d

How do you get the mini bots if you on spy island?

On spy island there are these robots that B.A.D. boss Director D sends after you. To defeat them, make them follow you to the platforms, and then they become electrocuted

Why won't director d move on spy island?

This is a known glitch in the Spy Island program. Sometimes during the final battles (mini-bots or Director D) they will stop attacking you. You have to reboot Poptropica and play the sequence of the hideout over again.

How come file X says don't trust director D?

director D is the owner of b.a.d. I finished spy island and he really is the owner of b.a.d. here are the walk through for spy island

How do you find a director?

Director D can be found in Spy Island. Go to the building in the right of the barber shop thingy. Then go in and go to the top and then there will be a man in front of a computer. He is Director D.