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It is very difficult to get an answer to this. He is reputed to have a doctorate in missiology but in every such statement, it after this is stated, "was granted an HONORARY doctorate in missiology".I cannot find any record of such a doctorate in any University of any type.
He has written many politically and religiously far right publications. Such make the religious right of the US, quite " leftist comparison.
His themes show that calvinism, to be almost more relevant than the bible itself, propounding that God himself chose selected persons through history to be damned to hell. Not by their actions, but by Gods will. In this he debunks Christian belief that persons can choose by responding who they will serve. If God selected whom he would have believe, then why does Hammond rail against Catholicism, because despite catholicism being a heresy as he believes,
all whom God has chosen, are saved anyway. He condemns arminianism which shows hat mankind does indeed have a choice.
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Who is Richard Hammond?

Richard Hammond is a TV presenter. He has presented top gear for many years!. His nickname is hamster as he is small and they always wind him up as having magically bright white teeth!

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What is dr?

Dr. is abbreviated for Doctor. This means a religious leader or a nurse, vet, or doctor!

Is Richard Hammond a vegetarian?

Back when he presented Braniac he ate bacon sandwiches, but on a more recent episode of Top Gear , Jeremy Clarkson says "You are vegetarian." (It is suggested that this would be a jibe by colleague Clarkson, but it may be true.)

What shoe size is Richard hammond?

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Fred Hammond is a talented songwriter, bassist and vocalist. Hedoes not share much about his private life and has not publiclysaid he remarried.

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Yes he is married. He has a very sweet, caring, charming and pretty wife. She is down to earth and loves her family.

Does Richard Hammond smoke?

He does, yes - about 2packs a day with his 2 older kids (6&9) They like it too & are addicted

Why do they call Richard Hammond hamster?

His collueges on Top Gear call him that because of his size/build.(he's short) It's been noted that he actually ate cardboard on two occasions for the life of the joke.

How injured was Richard Hammond?

When Richard Hammond was injured in the accident he scored a three on the Glasgow coma scale which is the worst you can get. However he made a remarkably quick recovery as some people who have injured their brain not as badly as Richard Hammond are only starting to move their hands after five months ( Full Answer )

Where was Richard Hammond born?

He was born in Solihul, Birmingham. He then moved to Ripon then when he was older Cheltnamham, gloucestershire then to Buckinghamshire but didn't like it because there was no nature about so he moved back to Cheltnamham. And that's where he previously lives.

Who was in Dr.. No?

Sean Connery as James Bond - JosephWiseman as Dr. No - Ursula Andress asHoney Ryder .

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Charlotte Hammond is a 24 year old Teaching Assistant from Datchet in Berkshire. She is a 2009 Miss Berkshire finalist, and is reserve to enter Miss England 2009.. http://www.eclipsemagazine.co.uk/magazine/royalwindorhostsmissberkshirecontest.html. http://www.getwokingham.co.uk/news/s/2050807_miss ( Full Answer )

Who is Mr Hammond?

If you're referring to John Hammond, he is was an actor born in 1955. He acted in many films through-out the '80s and '90s, including Cross Creek, The Blue and the Gray, and so on...

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Harry Hammond Hess what did he get a degree in?

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How old is Laurens Hammond?

Laurens Hammond was born on January 11, 1895 and died on July 3, 1973. This would have been 78 years old at the time of death or 115 years old today.

Is Richard hammond fit?

Yes I'd ay he was fairly fit, in his book "Or is that just me" he tells of a story where he had to run 20 miles to his house to make his daughters birthday. He had to do it due to flooding.

Were is the cheapest tequila in Hammond Indania?

try Rite Aid...the cheapest tequila is the one that just says, "Tequila" on the bottle. But let me warn ya, U're gonn wake up with a monster headache and stomach ache the next day. You get what you pay for and that Rot Gut will kill ya!!!

How old is Albert Hammond Jr.?

Albert Hammond Jr. is 37 years old (birthdate: April 9, 1980). * IMDB has him one year older, born 1979

How old is Albert Hammond?

Albert Hammond is 75 years old (birthdate: May 18, 1942). * His son, Albert Hammond, Jr. is 35 years old (born April 9, 1980).

Who is John Brown Hammond?

believed in and used violent action to try to bring about alcohol prohibiton in the United States.

How wealthy is Richard Hammond?

Richard Hammond is a multi millionaire, He brought a £2 million mock castle a few years ago. Bollitree castle. He also spents about 1 million on cars a year too. I hope this helped you

Is Richard Hammond sexy?

That really depends on what you think in a guy. i know lots of people think he is

Who is malik hammond?

He's an actor , singer , musician and dancer who played john john in "The Perfect Holiday".

What did Harry Hammond Hess discover?

Harry Hammond Hess, a professor of geology at Princeton University, was very influential in setting the stage for the emerging plate-tectonics theory in the early 1960s. He believed in many of the observations Wegener used in defending his theory of continental drift, but he had very different views ( Full Answer )

Who is Daniel Hammond?

Daniel Hammond is an English football player, who is most known asplaying as a defender in the Singapore S.League, for WoodlandsWellington FC and Singapore Armed Forces FC. Daniel is currentlywithout a club after being released in 2012.

How old is Wally Hammond?

Wally Hammond was born on June 19, 1903 and died on July 1, 1965. Wally Hammond would have been 62 years old at the time of death or 112 years old today.

Is Andrew hammond Richard hammonds brother?

If you're talking about the author of the Crypt series and the presenter from Top Gear, yes; Richard is Andrew's older brother. Look at a picture of them, the resemblance is terrifying.

Was peter cushin ever Dr. Who?

Yes he was. He stared in the first film version in 1965 fightingthe Darleks . His male companion was coincidently Bernard Cribbinswho later started with David Tenant as "Grandad"

Who was Dr.. No?

In the 1962 James Bond film "Dr. No" , Dr. Julius No , was playedby the late Joseph Wiseman (May 15, 1918 - October19, 2009) .

What is a Josh hammond?

a josh hammond is a small animal that makes a very irritating sound it can imitate a human being but you can usually tell it apart from a crowd as it will be the only one talking about call of duty and excavators

What does Albert Hammond claim to fame?

Albert Hammond is an English singer/songwriter and record producer located in the British Mediterranean territory of Gibraltar. He has an Academy Award and Golden Globe award for Best Original Song.

What products are made by Hammonds?

The company Hammonds produces many types of products. Their most popular products include electrical enclosures, racks, outlet strips, and transformers.

What is Celia Hammond most famous for?

Once one of the most popular models for the fashion magazine 'Vogue', Celia Hammond is more famous for her efforts against wearing fur and controlling the cat population.

What movie and television projects has Peter Hammond been in?

Peter Hammond has: Played Arthur, Man in Fight in Arcade in "Waterloo Road" in 1945. Played Douglas Blake in "They Knew Mr. Knight" in 1946. Played Harry Huggett in "Holiday Camp" in 1947. Played George Harris in "Fly Away Peter" in 1948. Played Peter Hawtrey in "Here Come the Huggetts" in 1948. Pla ( Full Answer )

What has the author George Peter Hammond written?

George Peter Hammond has written: 'Who saw the elephant' -- subject(s): Seeing the elephant (The phrase) 'The rediscovery of New Mexico, 1580-1594' -- subject(s): Description and travel, History, Sources, Spaniards in New Mexico 'The adventures of Alexander Barclay, mountain man' -- subject(s) ( Full Answer )

Who is Dr. Who?

The current actor is Peter Capaldi . As a to the name of "Dr Who",it has been alluded to but no one actually knows as its never beenpublished