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Who is famous on Club Penguin?


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March 03, 2011 3:26AM

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[also, please stop using this as an excuse to advertise your penguin and/or site. I know it's tempting, but you need to stop. There are a few examples, but if everyone re-edited to add their penguin's name, that would confuse people and not give them a clear picture of WHO IS ACTUALLY famous]

There are lots of famous penguins on Club Penguin.

There are the penguins run by Club Penguin itself. These penguins are used by the staff of CP, and they usually come on during parties or important events. They are:


Aunt Artic

Gary the gadget guy

Penguin band


If you meet any of these people you can get their background, which has a picture of them on it, with their signiture.

Theres also penguins that have websites or youtube channels featuring club penguin. When they get a lot of views, they become famous and well known.

Some of these penguins are:



Oreo Summit

and: (the following penguins were added by cjay sc)






Look them up to see their sites, then look around to see other people's sites. There's so much to see!