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Who is founder of PVR cinemas?

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DOnt know whos is the founder. PVR full form is Priya Village Roadshow and MD is Ajay Bijli.

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How do you cancel the movie ticket in PVR?

its waste of time and money .. these PVR cinemas do not even postpone the ticket for one day or cancel it .. I have wasted my rs800 on this PVR cinemas

What does PVR stands for pvr used 4 cinemas?

"Priya Village Roadshows"

What does pvr cinema stand for?

PVR = Priya Village Roadshow It is a large chain of multiplex cinemas in India founded in 1997.

Malls in India?

Some of them in manimajra or panchkula are Dt mall or City centre, PVR cinemas, Shalimar Mall, Fun republic.

What is the abbreviation of PVR?

pvr= priya village roadshow

Is cinepolis Amritsar is PVR?

is cinepolis in amritsar is pvr

What is theLife story of bijli brothers of pvr cinema?

current owner of PVR

Do you have to have the HD PVR plugged into your computer to record?

Yes, you do need to plug a HD PVR into a computer to record.

What are western cinemas?

uhh cinemas

How many cinemas are there?

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When is twilight 2 going to be in cinemas?

New Moon will be in cinemas in November 2009. Eclipse will be in Cinemas in late 2010

Pvr full from?

Priya Village Roadshow

Can you use the hapaugge HD PVR with this adapter?


When was Empire Cinemas created?

Empire Cinemas was created in 2005.

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Hook up tv pvr DVD?

First, run the coaxial cable from the wall to the PVR. Then, hook the coaxial cable from the PVR directly to the TV. Now take the DVD players RCA or HDMI plug, whichever you use, and hook it up to the television directly.

What cinemas are playing the best of both worlds tour?

cineworld cinemas are

What is the full form of pvr?

Personal Video Recorder

How old do yo have to be to work at reading cinemas?

You have to be 18 to work in ALL cinemas.

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How do you spell cinemas?

That is the correct spelling of the plural noun "cinemas" (movie theaters).

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When does new moon end in cinemas?

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