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Rico and he's not even a part of wwe any more, why do you want to jump into bed with any star who is gay

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โˆ™ 2009-07-03 23:32:59
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Q: Who is gay in WWE?
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Is WWE aj lee gay?

wweโ€™s aj lee is not gay! And is happily married to co-worker from wwe cm punk.

Which WWE superstar is gay?

Currently the only gay wrestler employeed by WWE is Pat Patterson

Which WWE superstars are gay?

Darren Young is the only openly gay superstar in the WWE at this time.

Is WWE wrestler Brian Kendrick gay?

No he it not gay

Who the gay wrestlers in WWE?

There is no homosexual wrestlers in WWE currently.

Is rico in WWE gay?

Yes in WWE but not in real life

Is any current WWE superstars gay?

No, their are no WWE superstars that are gay. Actually there are, but I will not name them there are only two

Is all WWE divas gay?

None of the divas are gay.

Is montel vontavious porter from WWE gay?

no he is not 12/2/09: As much as he talks about women on WWE TV & in the magazines, do you really think that he is gay?

Is WWE Christian gay?


Is WWE Victoria gay?


Is batista gay from WWE?

no! but you are

What is gay wrestling?


Are any WWE superstars gay?

Well Wade Barrett is gay and Justin Gabriel may be bisexual.There are former WWE superstars that are/were gay namely Kanyon and Pat Patterson

Is WWE superstar Shawn michaels gay?

No he is not Gay he has a wife and kids

Has Justin bieber ever been in the WWE?

No, Justin Bieber is to gay to be in WWE

Is Titus O'Neil of WWE gay?

No he is not

Is wwe superstar rico gay?


Are there any performers in WWE who are gay?


Is WWE superstar batista gay?


Who is gay on WWE raw?


Which WWE diva is gay?


Is the WWE wrestler Chris Masters gay?


Are there any WWE wrestlers who are gay?

Not currently, but Pat Patterson who is a booker and agent is gay.

Is WWE randy orton gay?

Considering that he is married and has a daughter, my guess is that he definitely is not gay.