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Who is gay in WWE?


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Rico and he's not even a part of wwe any more, why do you want to jump into bed with any star who is gay


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Currently the only gay wrestler employeed by WWE is Pat Patterson

Darren Young is the only openly gay superstar in the WWE at this time.

No, their are no WWE superstars that are gay. Actually there are, but I will not name them there are only two

There is no homosexual wrestlers in WWE currently.

Yes in WWE but not in real life

None of the divas are gay.

No he is not Gay he has a wife and kids

Well Wade Barrett is gay and Justin Gabriel may be bisexual.There are former WWE superstars that are/were gay namely Kanyon and Pat Patterson

No, Justin Bieber is to gay to be in WWE

No he has a girlfriend.

no he is not 12/2/09: As much as he talks about women on WWE TV & in the magazines, do you really think that he is gay?

Not currently, but Pat Patterson who is a booker and agent is gay.

Considering that he is married and has a daughter, my guess is that he definitely is not gay.

No he is not I know that from experience

no hes married and has kids

No she ain't, what sort of question is that?

cause there are gay wods like santino and the brain kendrick in the wwe

john cena is gay but he hides it by marrying a woman and has secret affairs with another man

Chris Kanyon used to wrestle for WWE and he is gay. Pat Patterson is also gay. Tyson Kidd is but i don't know who else The only one I know for sure is Pat Patterson Tyson Kidd is not gay! He is dating Naytala

No. In fact, he has been married twice.

no, he is not. he just sounds so.

All I know is that the former wrestler Kris Kanyon has confirmed he's gay.

if you mean shannon Moore, then no he's not gay. he married wwe seamstress Julie youngberg.

No doubt there might have been a few gay wrestlers. Randy Orton had been criticised for a long time. As far as i know today though, there are no current "gay" WWE superstars. Though if you were watching a few years ago you may remember Orlando Jordan?? I heard he was gay

undertaker, john cena e.t.c

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