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definitely pete wentz im not gay my friend told me to write tht

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Is pete wents goth or emo?


What year was Peter Wents born?

Pete Wentz was born in 1979

Who is hotter Pete wentz Or Zac Efron?


Whose hotter Pete Wentz or Bam Margera?

Pete Wentz, fer sure :)

Is anyone hotter than pete wentz or Ryan ross?


Do celebrities have got msn?

Some celebrities probably do have MSN but I know for a fact that celebrities have myspace eg Brendon Urie, Pete Wents (but most people make celebrities)

Who was hotter Pete Wentz or Joe Jonas?

It depends who's closer to the sun. XD

Who is hotter pete wentz or jacoby shaddix?

Hands Down 110% Jacoby Shaddix

Who is hotter Pete Wentz or Ryan Ross?

Everyone's going to have their own opinions. For best results, set up a poll. However, seeing that Pete Wentz is more well known and has a higher fan base, he's definitely hotter. ;)

What is the birth name of Pete Bellotte?

Pete Bellotte's birth name is Peter John Bellotte.

What is the birth name of Pete Fischer?

Pete Fischer's birth name is Peter John Fischer.

What is the birth name of Pete Circuitt?

Pete Circuitt's birth name is Peter John Circuitt.

Who is hotter Nick Jonas or pete w entz?

theyre both the same amount of hotness. i love them bothhhh ahaha i met jb, if i met fob/pete i think my life will be complete

What is the birth name of Pete Carty?

Pete Carty's birth name is John W. Carty III.

Who was john Thorntons friend in the call of the wild?

John Thorntons friend in call of the wild was Pete and Hans.

Who was the drummer that came with John Paul and George to Hamburg?

Pete Best.

Where was WWE extreme rules 2011 at?

The WWE Extreme Rules pay per view in 2011 was held on 1st May 2011 at St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida. The main event was a triple threat match between John Cena, The Miz and John Morrison for the WWE Title. Cena defeated both of them to win the title from The Miz. The co-main event was the Ladder match between Christian and Alberto Del Rio for the vacant world heavyweight championship which Christian Won.

What three guys danced like lucky star?

john,pete, Zack

What are the release dates for The Pete Holmes Show - 2013 John Mulaney 1-21?

The Pete Holmes Show - 2013 John Mulaney 1-21 was released on: USA: 2 December 2013

What actors and actresses appeared in Pete Seeger on the Hudson - 1979?

The cast of Pete Seeger on the Hudson - 1979 includes: John Hartford as himself Taj Mahal as himself Pete Seeger as himself Hedy West as herself

Who were the original members of The Who?

roger daltrey pete townshend john entwistle Keith moon

Is Pinball Wizard by Elton John or The Who?

It was originally written by Pete Townshend and recorded by The Who in 1969. Elton John recorded a cover of this song in 1975.

How did people react when Ringo Starr joined the Beatles?

They were actually mad. They were shouting stuff like "Pete forever, Ringo never," "Where's Pete?" and "Traitors!" But John, Paul and George thought if they were going to be a great band, they had to replace Pete Best, the original drummer.

Which city are The Beatles associated?

Liverpool England is where John, Paul, George, Ringo (Pete and Stu); the Beatles are from.

What movie and television projects has John Kraft been in?

John Kraft has: Played The Pimp in "Gray Christmas" in 2005. Played The Hero in "The Blue Seal" in 2006. Played John Kraft in "The Blue Seal" in 2010. Played First Mate in "The Swashbuckling Adventures of Pete Winning and the Pirates" in 2011. Played Sloth in "Pete Winning and the Pirates" in 2013.