Who is in secret life of an American teenager?

Show names & types:
Amy Juergens - girl who gets pregnant at 15 at band camp
George Juergens - Amy's father
Ashley Juergens - Amy's sister
Grace Bowman - Popular christian whos a cheerleader
Ben Boykewich - Amy's first boyfriend
Anne Juergens - Amy's mother
Ricky Underwood - Guy who got Amy pregnant
Adrian Lee - Ricky's bed buddy and friend of amy and grace
Jack Pappas - Grace's on and off boyfriend and a football star
Madison Cooperstein - Amy's best friend
Tom Bowman - Grace's brother
Lauren Treacy - Amy's other best friend
Leo Boykewich - Ben's rich father
Henry Miller - bens best friend
Alice Valko - Henry's girlfriend whos also bens friend
Kathleen Bowman- Grace's mother
Ruben Enriquez - Adrian's caring father
Cindy Lee - adrains mom
Marshall Bowman - Grace's dad
Betty - Ben's stepmom
Marcelino Molina - Helpful school guidence counselor
John - Amy and Ricky's son
Griffin - Gay friend of ashley

theres tons more... honestly, those cover the main characters (: