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A Rabbi, the boy, his friends and family are all involved in a Bar Mitzva.

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What age do you become a bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah?

Bar mitzvah is 13 Bat mitzvah is 12

What is the difference between a bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah?

Bar Mitzvah is for boys, and Bat Mitzvah is for girls.

What is the difference between a bah mitzvah and a bar mitzvah?

bah mitzvah is for girls, bar mitzvah is for guys

How do you write bar mitzvah in hebrew?

bar mitzvah = בר מצוה

Importance of bar mitzvah?

what is importance of bar mitzvah for jews

Why do Jews do bar mitzvah?

Well there is a Bar Mitzvah and a Bat Mitzvah (Bar=boys, Bat=girls). The main reason it is celebrated is because the Bar or Bat Mitzvah is becoming a "man" or "woman."

What do you call a bar mitzvah for a boy and a girl?

Boy- bar mitzvah Girl- bat mitzvah Together(both)- b'nai mitzvah

Symbols of bar mitzvah?

There are no symbols that specifically represent a bar mitzvah.

What are the special smybols of a bar mitzvah?

There is no specific symbol for a bar mitzvah.

What are the symbols of the Bar Mitzvah?

There are no symbols that specifically represent a bar mitzvah.

When is a Bar Mitzvah held?

A Bar Mitzvah is held at the age of 13

When does person have bar mitzvah?

A boy has his Bar Mitzvah at age 13.

What does a synagouge have to do with a bar mitzvah?

It is where the Bar Mitzvah ceremony takes place.

Is there anything special to wear at a bar mitzvah?

for a bar mitzvah service, it is recommended that you dress formally. For a bar mitzvah party, it depends on the attire.

Why is bar mitzvah for boys?

Bar Mitzvah is for boys, but the girls are not left out. They have a Bat Mitzvah. Bar means son. Bat means daughter.

Is it correct to call someone bar mitzvah?

Yes, the boy is called 'a/the bar mitzvah' which translates as 'son of mitzvah'. For a girl, it would be 'a/the bat mitzvah' 'daughter of mitzvah'.

How is a bar mitzvah connected to the number 13?

A Bar Mitzvah boy is 13.

What is the youngest bar mitzvah age?

The Bar Mitzvah is done at age 13.

How do you write Bar Mitzvah of in Hebrew?

bar mitzvah of = בר מצוה של

How does one eat properly at a Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah?

There is no way to eat properly at a bar mitzvah. Sometimes if you have kosher relatives, or the Bar Mitzvah keeps kosher, don't NOT keep kosher there.

What happens in the synagogue after the bar mitzvah?

After the bar mitzvah there is sometimes a food reception in the synagogue, especially if the bar mitzvah takes place on Shabbat (which is most common).

What does Bar Mitzvah translate as?

Son of the Commandment. Note: "Bar Mitzvah" is Aramaic, not Hebrew.

What are the similarities between the bar mitzvah and the baptise?

There's no relation to Baptism and Bar Mitzvah.

Who is the Bar Mitzvah ceremony for?

The key player in the Bar Mitzvah boy is the 13 year old Jewish boy, his family and friends are invited to join in the celebration. For more info on Bar Mitzvah check out

What is the purpose of a bar mitzvah?

The purpose of a Bar Mitzvah is to welcome a boy into the Jewish world of adulthood. The version of a bar mitzvah for a female is a Bat Mitzvah.AnswerThis question is based on a common misconception as to what a Bar Mitzvah is. Many people think that a Bar Mitzvah is a ceremony, however, that isn't what it actually is. A Bar Mitzvah is actually when a Jewish boy turns 13 years old and he becomes a bar mitzvah (son of the commandments) whether or not there is a ceremony to celebrate this event in his life. When a boy becomes a bar mitzvah, according to halacha (Jewish law), he is now considered old enough to take on the religious responsibilities of a Jewish adult.