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Who is kryoman?


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KRYOMAN Is Andrew Mooore -

KRYOMAN - Known by most as "the robot" that has been rocking dance floors all over the globe since early in 2005. Originaly the brainchild of Andrew Moore (carrer performer and special fx artist) and Alejandro Gonzales, (the inventor of the Kryosystem) is the first and only portable Kryogenic System in the world. Together combined with a million function L.E.D Robotic suit, 100mw lazers and a full intergrated Pyrotechnic special FX system makes KRYOMAN the ultimate Club Show. You can see KRYOMAN every summer in its residencys in Amnesia ibiza, Space ibiza, and Pacha Ibiza teamed up with pals Carl Cox and David Guetta Delivering jaw dropping shows, in the best venues all summer long, if you've been to Ibiza then you have seen it.

■ CARL COX - "KRYOMAN is an institution at my nights at Space - they would not be the same without him!"

■ CATHY & DAVID GUETTA - "Kroyman "The robot" is our resident performer at all of our events, It's our favorite show, I love to see it all the time, it makes me feel like WOW!!!"


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There are different Robots in Ibiza ,originally Kryoman who start working with david guetta and moore...but on 2009 there was a new generation of Robots with more than 6 Robots and different Costumes and accesories for dancers,

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