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Kabhar was made a prophet by Allah. He is a prophet according to the Muslim faith.

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What made Moses a prophet?

God selected him as prophet.

When did Prophet Muhammad made zakat compulsory?

I think in the month of ramdan Prophet Muhammad made zakat compulsory.

Who create khabar for Prophet Muhammad?

first of all no one made it for the prophet muhammad and the prophet ibrahim (alaihisalam) made it for allah (god) if you are wondering i am muslim as well

The quarn contains revelation made to the prophet?

Yes, the Qur'an is compiled of revelations made to Prophet Muhammad by Allah (God).

What made muhammed a Prophet?

Muhammed was supposedly made prophet through his conversations with the archangel Gabriel, with whom he talked to in several ocassions.

How did prophet Jonah die?

No mention is made of it.

Is the prophet muhammed real?

no, Jesus was the prophet of Christianity, Islam is a made up religion that is corrupt and is sadly increasing.

When was shia made?

After prophet Muhammad (PBUH) death

Which prophet made the moon split into two halves?

it was the prophet muhammed peace be upon him who did this miracle with the permission of Allah SWT

What prophet said that the messiah would come from Bethlehem?

It was the prophet Isaiah , who made this prophesy 700 years before Christ was born.

When was the first mosque made?

The first mosque was made by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers on prophet arrival to Medina (Al-Madina) on his immigration (Hijra) from Mecca (Makkah). it was in year 632 AD.

Islam is based on the teachings of which prophet?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) But His Teachings Were From The Holy Quran Which Was Made By Allah Tallah (Or In Other Religions God)

Who is the prophet that made revelations in the Quran?

No prophet made any revelations in the Quran. Allah (or God in English and same God in Judaism and Christianity) revealed Quran to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the angel Gabriel (or Jibril) through the period from 610 AD to 632 AD.

How did Muhammed become a prophet?

in his 40th year, angel jibrail came and made him read the holy Quran from then onwards, Muhammad(saws) became prophet

Which building did the holy prophet and his companions made in medina?

Masjid-e-nabwi was the first building constructed by the holy prophet and it is still present today

What happened after Mecca surrendered to Prophet Muhammad?

Prophet Mohamed (peace upon him) made a general forgiveness to all of them. He destroyed all the idols around Mecca.

How did god make sure that people understood what a prophet taught them?

god made sure that people understood what a prophet taught them by sending messages down and for them to answer them there self's.

Who founded the religion of Islam?

prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Allah made Islam

Who are the five major prophets?

Prophet Jeremiah, Prophet Elijah, Prophet Nehemiah, Prophet Joel, Prophet Isaiah.

What is the name of first mosque of Islam?

First mosque which made by prophet Muhammad salallaho alaehe waslum in masjid kubba, but first mosque of Islam is Masjid Haram (khana kaba) which made by prophet Adam first time.

What are the names of different prophets mentioned in holy Quran whose sons were also prophets?

Prophet Abraham and his two sons; prophet Isaac and prophet IsmaelProphet Isaac and his son prophet JacobProphet Jacob and his son prophet JosephProphet David and his son prophet SolomonProphet Zackariah and his son prophet John (Yahia)

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