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Maria Chavez is a turntable musician born in Peru and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.

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Did Jose chavez y chavez had kids?

Source: Dead right: the Lincoln County warBy C. R. CaldwellHe married Maria Leonora Lucero (widow of José Candelaria} in 1871.They had two children: Adecasio Chavez and Beatriz Chavez.

Is Daniel Chavez Moran married and to whom where does she lives?

The Peruvian Daniel Chavez is married to a woman called Maria Jose Salazar. She lives in Lima with him.

Dennis Chavez jr grandson of senator Dennis Chavez?

Dennis Chavez Jr. was the only son of US Senator Dennis Chavez (D), New Mexico. He never married. Was known to have one daughter, Consuelo T. Chavez, two grandsons, Damian J. Chavez and Manuel J. Chavez and one great-grandson, T. J. Chavez. There is another rumor about another daughter Anna Maria Chavez....this is yet to be proven. Submitted by: Consuelo T. Chavez

When did Jose Chavez y Chavez die?

Jose Chavez y Chavez died in 1922.

When was Jose Chavez y Chavez born?

Jose Chavez y Chavez was born in 1851.

Why is Cesar Chavez better than Hugo Chavez?

why is Cesar chavez better than Hugo chavez

What has the author Maria Silvia Codecasa written?

Maria Silvia Codecasa has written: 'Lettere turche' -- subject(s): Description and travel 'Chavez contro gli USA' -- subject(s): Foreign relations, Politics and goverment

What actors and actresses appeared in Nanda - 2005?

The cast of Nanda - 2005 includes: Maria Luisa Chavez Sofia Padilla Consuelo Venegas

Who is Daniel Chavez Moran?

Daniel Chavez Moran is Daniel Chavez Moran hehe

What were the names of Cesar Chavez's children?

Cesar Chavez's children's names are Fernando, Paul and Anthony Chavez; Linda Chavez Rodriguez, Sylvia Chavez Delgado, Eloise Chavez Carrillo, Anna Chavez Ybarra and Elizabeth Chavez Villarino.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Safety Plan - 2011?

The cast of The Safety Plan - 2011 includes: Alexandra Chavez as Maria Hector Dez as Jorge

Is Cindy Chavez the daughter of Cesar Chavez?


How do you spell Cesar chavez?

Caesar chavez

How do you celebrate Cesar Chavez day?

How do we celebrate Cesar Chavez Day?How do we celebrate Cesar Chavez Day?

Is Caesar Chavez related to Hugo Chavez?

no they are not related. plus one is not smart the other is Cesar chavez that is

Did Cesar Chavez have parents and what are their names?

Yes, his parents are Librado Chavez (father) and Juana Chavez (mother).

When and how did Hugo Chavez become the leader of Venezuela?

With the help of Caesar Chavez, Hugo Chavez conquered Venezuela.

Who are the parents of Caesar Chavez?

Caesar Chavez's mother was Juana Estrada Chavez. His father was Librado Chavez.

When was Cesar Chavez funeral?

when was cesar chavez funral

Where does the apostrophe place to make Chavez possessive?


What was Cesar Chavez grandchildren name?

alejandro chavez

How do Chavez still effect people today?

Chavez who?

What were the names of Cesar Chavez kids?

alehandro, roberto, fernando, juanita, pablo, pablo jr., pablo senior, maria, juan, poalo, chimichanga, pollo, marvin

How are Gandhi and Chavez Different?

Which Chavez? Gandhi was against the use of force and violence. Hugo Chavez embraces violence. Cesar Chavez is much closer in beliefs to Gandhi.

What were the names Cesar chavez's siblings names?

Rita Chavez, Richard Chavez, Librado Chavez, and Vicki Chavez I could not find the last sibling ( brother or sister )