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Marine the raccoon is a fury friend of sonic who saved them from a storm.

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Can you play as Marine in Sonic Rush Adventure?

No, Marine is not a playable character.

Does tails like marine?

Yes he does! shown in the sonic rush adventure, he cares for her safety

Which characters are in Sonic rush and Sonic rush adventure in order?

Sonic RushsonicBlazeTailsCreamEggmanEggman NegaKnucklesAmyCheese(Cream`s pet)Cream`s MotherSonic Rush AdventureSonicBlazeTailsmarineWhiskerEggmanEggman NegaJohnnyMiniMumCoconut CrewVikingsSuper SonicSuper Blaze

Is Sonic Colors a continuation of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure?

No, Sonic Rush and Sonic Colours are of their own storylines and are not a continuation.

What are all the sonic games on DS?

Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Chronicles.

How do you get knuckles in sonic rush?

You can't unlock Knuckles in Sonic Rush.The only characters that are playable in Sonic Rush are Sonic The Hedgehog and Blaze The Cat.

Do You Unlock Amy In Sonic Rush?

No. Sonic Rush is only playable with Sonic and Blaze.

How do you upgrade vehicles in Sonic Rush?

There are no vehicles in Sonic Rush.

When did Sonic Rush happen?

Sonic Rush happened in 2005.

How do you unlock knuckles in sonic rush ds?

You can't. You can only get Sonic and Blaze in Sonic Rush.

Sonic rush adventure?

the sequal to sonic rush (the one with blaze)

How can be hyper Sonic in Sonic rush?

No, you can not by Hyper Sonic in Sonic Rush. For Sonic to go Hyper, he needs the 7 Super Emeralds, which Sonic Rush does not have. The Super Emeralds were only in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, so Sonic can only go hyper in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Is silver the hedgehog in sonic rush adventure?

he is in a mission mode in sonic rush

When did Sonic Rush Adventure happen?

Sonic Rush Adventure happened in 2007.

When was Sonic Rush created?

Sonic Rush was created on 2005-11-15.

Where is marine in Sonic Rush Adventure?

You first see her at the beginning of the game. On South Island, go to marine's house. you should find her there.

Can you be hyper sonic in sonic rush?

Sadly he cannot, because Sonic needs the 7 Super Emeralds to turn hyper which are unavailable in Sonic Rush.

Is there chao in sonic rush?

Only Cream's chao Cheese makes an appearance in Sonic Rush.

How do you get all the sol emeralds in sonic rush?

Its A piece of cake do all the bosses on sonic rush.

When was Sonic Rush Adventure created?

Sonic Rush Adventure was created on 2007-09-14.

What is the code to becom supersonic whenever you want in sonic rush?

There Is No Code To Become Super Sonic Whenever You Want In Sonic Rush.

Is there a chance Blaze will be in Sonic Rush?

Yes! I've beaten the game, and she is in fact in Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure, and several other games... I believe 10 total.

At the end of sonic rush does sonic and blaze kiss?


What characters can you use in sonic rush?

Sonic and Blaze

In sonic rush can you be super sonic anywhere you want?


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