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he is son of a dictator.people of Iran think he has helped ahmadinejad cheat in ellection.

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Q: Who is mojtaba khamenei?
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When did Mojtaba Minovi die?

Mojtaba Minovi was born in 1903.

When was Mojtaba Tehrani born?

Mojtaba Tehrani was born in 1933.

When was Mojtaba Saminejad born?

Mojtaba Saminejad was born in 1980.

When was Mojtaba Maleki born?

Mojtaba Maleki was born in 1983.

When was Mojtaba Zarei born?

Mojtaba Zarei was born on 1984-03-01.

When was Mojtaba Jabbari born?

Mojtaba Jabbari was born on 1983-06-16.

When was Mojtaba Taghavi born?

Mojtaba Taghavi was born on 1968-02-02.

When was Mojtaba Torshizi born?

Mojtaba Torshizi was born on 1978-03-26.

When was Mojtaba Shiri born?

Mojtaba Shiri was born on 1979-10-29.

When was Mojtaba Roshangar born?

Mojtaba Roshangar was born on 1981-10-31.

When was Mojtaba Shaban born?

Mojtaba Shaban was born on 1987-03-18.

When was Mojtaba Mahboub-Mojaz born?

Mojtaba Mahboub-Mojaz was born on 1991-04-24.