Adolf Hitler
Paris Hilton
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Who is more famous Paris Hilton or adolf Hitler?

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Why was Adolf Hitler so famous?

Adolf Hitler was so famous becous he started to be the ruller of gurmany and he was famous becous of his speaches

Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or Garfield?

Adolf Hitler is more famous because he killed many people

When was Hitler in Paris?

Adolf Hitler entered Paris in July of 1940, when the German army invaded France during ww2.

Why was Adolf Hitler famous for?

Adolf Hitler is famous for being Chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945. What Hitler is mostly remembered for today is the systematic murder of millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

Why is Germany famous?

beacause of adolf hitler

Who was famous in 1936?

Adolf Hitler and Jesse Owens.

The ambitions of which German ruler lead to World War 2?

Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf Hitler

Who was the famous leader that was a dictator?

One famous leader who was a dictator was Adolf Hitler.

Who is more famous adolf Hitler or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Probably Adolf Hitler. :0) Sonic the Hedgehog didn't practically start a war.

Who were the famous in World War II?

it was Adolf Hitler and Mussolini

Why Adolf Hitler is famous in World War 2?

Adolf Hitler is famous in World War 2 because he told/led the German Nazis in fighting and getting rid of the Jews.

Who is more famous Harry Potter or Adolf Hitler?

well let me see.........HITLER LOLZAA

The famous man in Germany?

the famouse man in the 1940s was adolf Hitler

Who are famous Glasgow rangers supporters?

david cammeron & adolf hitler

Who is more famous Homer Simpson or adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler is more famouse because of things he done as an Dictator of the Nazi Germany Third Reich.

Who is more famous adolf Hitler or Homer Simpson?

Adolf Hitler is more widely known in the world today but Homer Simpson is a very famous character from one of the longest tv series ever.

Who is more famous Adolf Hitler or John Lennon?

Hitler I don't even know who john lennon is.

Who was the leader of Germany during World War 2?

The leader of Germany during World War II was Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889-April 30, 1945).Aldof HitlerAdolph Hitler.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi Party.Adolf HitlerAdolf HittlerAdolf Hitler was the leader of Germany in World War II.Adolf Hitler.Adolf Schicklgruber (Adolf Hitler) he was the leader of Nazi Germany during the war

How is Winston Churchill famous?

he is famous for he was the ruler of Britain and helped us to beat ADOLF HITLER!

Who was the German dictator during World War 2?

Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerAdolf Hitler

What did Adolf Hitler conquered?

He was an idiot!ADOLF HITLER

Who is the most famous person in Germany?

The current pope. adolf Hitler, Mercedes

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