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Girls aloud

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Q: Who is more popular The Saturdays or Girls Aloud?
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How many awards did girls aloud have?

Girls Aloud have won 26 awards in total. For more information, go to: It has a table of all of the things Girls Aloud were nominated for and won.

How many songs did Girls aloud write and sing?

Have wrote or something kind of sound of the underground love machine Girls Aloud have wrote about 36 songs more or less.

Is converse more popular with girls or guys?


Why do girls have more balance than boys?

because girls are more popular.

Who is bigger Girls aloud or spice girls?

girls aloud are amazing, spice girls may be more famous; but give Girls Aloud a few more years and spice girls will be forgotten. Girls aloud r already bigger no doubt about it spice girls r forgotten ga r the best love them The Spice Girls. They are the most successfull Girl group of all time. They sold 66 million records accross the Globe. Girls Aloud have sold around 7 million records mostly in the UK. The Spice Girls have the best selling album of all time by a girl group ("Spice" sold 28million copies) and the best selling single of all time by a girl group ("Wannabe" sold around 7 million copies) The Spice Girls became a WORLDWIDE phonomenon and had number one records in 31 countries including the USA. According to the Times journalist David Sinclair "The Spice Girls phenomenon was a genuine pop music landmark. No group since The Beatles has commanded as much media attention" Apart from the obvious evidence of how many more records the Spice Girls sold compared to Girls Aloud, The Spice Girls were famous on a level that Girls Aloud have not, and more than likely will never experience. The Spice Girls have become pop culture Icons and while Girls Aloud have had some success in the UK, it doesn't compare to the media attention that the Spice Girls have commanded and the sheer amount of records they have sold. The Spice Girls will go down in pop music history. They wrere the biggest pop group in the world in the 1990's. The same cannot be said for Girls Aloud.

Are girls aloud the most successful girl band?

No, not any more they split quite a while a go

Who is the lead singer of the group Girls Aloud?

The lead singer of the group Girls Aloud is know as Nadine Elizabeth Louise Coyle. She is not really the lead since all 5 girls of the band sing. Elizabeth is just more known and sometimes said to be lead singer.

How can you be more popular?

To be more popular with girls, you need to ONLY hang out with the girls you want to impress so that they can see that you are truly devoted to being with them.

What is more popular blue or pink?

Blue is more popular with boys, pink is more popular with girls. Edition: Blue is more popular than pink!

What are the total record sales world wide sugababes?

if it depends on talent a lot more than ' girls aloud '

Is cheryl cole more famous as an x factor judge or as a member of girls aloud?

An X Factor judge.

Why Are Girls Aloud splitting up?

they wanna make more money so when they split up they get more money single than group

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