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Miss Liberty is depicted on the coin, she is not a real person.

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When did Penny Magazine end?

Penny Magazine ended in 1845.

When did Thomas Penny White die?

Thomas Penny White died in 1845.

Where was George Penny Australian bushranger born?

George Penny was born 20 May 1845

How many states were there in 1845?

In January 1845 there were 27 US states. Texas was admitted later in 1845.

Who did the US go to war with in 1845?

1845 was the Mexican-American War.

Which President of the US served from 1841-1845?

John Tyler

How much is 1845 us penny?

For an accurate value US large cents need to be seen but in general are valued at $25.00-$50.00 for coins that show a lot of wear. Better grade are $80.00 or more

How much is a 1845 silver eagle worth?

Sorry no US 1845 silver eagles, but there are Seated Liberty dollars of 1845.

What is the value of an 1845 Indian penny?

The first year issue for a Indian Head cent was 1859

Whose on the US penny?

Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny

What us persident is on the penny?

Abraham Lincoln is on the US penny.

When was Florida annexed to the US?


When was Florida added to the us?


Who was the US president that signed a resolution that offered Texas statehood in 1845?

US President John Tyler signed the Texas resolution in 1845.

Who is on the 1973 us penny?

Lincoln is on this penny.

What the value of 1845 gold 5 dollar coin?

value of 1845 us five dollar coin

What year did Texas join the US?


US annexed this area in 1845?


What was the US population in 1845?

19.7 million

Texas became part of the us in?


When did texas come to the US?


What is the value of a US 1845 Indian head penny?

The first Indian cents were struck in 1859 so you could not have a coin with that design dated 1845. If your coin is from 1845 and is about the size of a half-dollar it's called a Liberty Head cent or simply Large Cent and is worth about $25 in average condition. If you have a different coin please post a new question with a more complete description.

When was florida part of the US?

It became the 27th US State in 1845.

How many ridges are around the US penny?

There are no ridges on a US Penny or the US Nickel, the edges are smooth.

Is there such a US coin (penny) that is bigger then a regular US penny?

The US one cent used to be much larger, but the size was reduced in 1857.