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Jason Earles,Nick Jonas,Mitchel Musso,Jake T.Austin,Anna Maria perez,Brend Song,

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Q: Who is on the inferno team on the Disney channel games?
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Did the Inferno team win the Disney Channel Games?

The WinnersYes, The Inferno team won the Disney Channel games.

Who wins the Disney Channel games?

Team Inferno won!!

Who loses the Disney channel games?

the red team, INFERNO

Who won Disney channel games 2008?

Inferno, the Red team, won.

By how many points is the Cyclones on the Disney Channel games bit by the Inferno Team on Disney Channel games too?

No where near 500! About 10-20 I think!

Who wins on the Disney Channel games?

2008 Disney Channel Games 1st-Red Team Inferno 2nd-Yellow Team Comets 3rd-Green Team Cyclones 4th-Blue Team Lighting

What team was Miley Cyrus in for the Disney Channel Games?

Miley Cyrus was in Team Green in the Disney Channel Games

What color team is Jake T Austin on Disney channel games?

Jake t Austin is on the red team(inferno)with nick Jonas the team leader is brenda song

Who won Disney channel games 2011?

The red team won Disney Channel Games 2011. (WWF)

In the 2008 Disney channel games what team was she on?

yellow team

What team has Miley Cyrus been on twice for the Disney Channel Games?

Miley Cyrus has been on the green team twice on the Disney channel games

What place did the 2008 red team get in the Disney channel games?

AHHH! i just finished watching the finale 2008 Disney Channel Games! Team Inferno took first place! and also, Nick Jonas was the 2008 Fan Favorite Award! Hearing that made me incredibly happy :D Well, the Comets took second place, leaving the Cyclones and Lightning tied for 3rd place! Yay Inferno! Inferno is my favorite team and I'm so happy they won. Everyone on that team is a great player and they all have great attitudes. Great job Team Inferno!

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