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actually no. private schools do not get funding from the government and although the tuition is high, that money goes toward the school's electricity, water etc. public school teachers get higher pay because public schools get much more money from the government

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A private school is paid more than a public school

Added: (in the US) I don't believe that the above answer is correct or applicable in this country. Unless it is a very exclusive (i.e.: expensive) private school, private school teachers (on average) tend to make less than public school teachers.

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Q: Who is paid more a private school teacher or a public school teacher?
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If you're in public school and your parents put you into private school and they said you're a freshman in the private school what grade am i in if i was still in public school?

You obviously aren't in public school any more, you would have been in high school.

Does private school girls have more gossip then public girls?

maybe maybe not because private school have lees students girls at private schools do . this is incorrect. I go to a private school and I have a lot of public school friends. All of our schools have a simular amount of gossip

How much would a high school history teacher get paid?

I am a high school History and English teacher. My current salary is $53,000 per annum. This is my first year as a teacher. Each year I also receive an increase in my pay (not sure how much that is yet) for nine years. It depends on the school though. I work in a private Catholic school. It may be different in a public school or in a more prestigious school.

What percentage of Private school pupils go to university compared to state schools?

It use to be that more private school pupils go to good colleges like duke and university of Chicago than public schools but now-a-days the suburb's public schools are coming close to matching the advantages of going to a private school. Subsequently the amount of public vs private pupils in said universities is evening out but due to things like dropout rates and the fact that there are so many more students in a public school the numbers suggest that more private schooled pupils go to good colleges.

Do people pick public colleges more than private?

It depends on the situation and it depends on the country. In the United States, more people pick private colleges than public colleges, unless they need the discounts that come with public school. In Europe, public colleges are far more commonly chosen than private colleges.

What is the difference between a public school and a private school?

Public schools are funded by the government and open to all students in a specific geographic area, while private schools are independently funded and can be selective in the students they admit. Public schools are obligated to follow state education regulations, while private schools have more flexibility in their curriculum and policies.

Is Columbia University public or private?

Columbia University is a private university.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section.

Do public schools have more opportunities than private school?

It depends on the specific schools and their resources. Public schools may offer a wider range of programs and services due to government funding, while private schools may have smaller class sizes and specialized resources. Ultimately, opportunities can vary based on individual school offerings and priorities.

What are the benefits of going to private school versus public school?

Many children who are eager to learn will do wonderfully whether they are in a public or private school. Most public and private schools offer tours of their campuses and classes to help parents see if their child is going to mesh with the institution. Private schools tend to have smaller class sizes and more personalized time with the teachers. Also, in the modern age, many public schools only teach students the things that will be on the state's standardized tests, while private schools get to be more broad with the subjects they can cover.

What are the benefits to private school?

The benefits of private school sometimes depend on what private school it is. Some people think a benefit is smaller classes and more direct teacher student relations. Another benefit is students not being in contact with so many different children.

What is the starting salary for a math teacher?

Each state will offer different salaries. It usually depends on funds from the government, the type of school (private, public), and the size of the school system. The average salary of a teacher starting out is between $28,000 to $30,000 dollars a year. Go to the related link below to look at a graph for more information.

What is the least expensive private law school and the least expensive public law school in the United States?

There are many private law schools, but not much collective information regarding tuition. Public schools often are more affordable, but only for resident students. I would like to know hands down which school has the least expensive tuition for either private schools or public school's out of state tuition.