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Who is responsible for a NSF check written on a closed joint account?

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Yes, both parties are responsible for any checks written on a joint account. When the checking account was opened, the paperwork signed by both signers basically stated that both people would maintain and be responsible for the account * It depends upon what the original signature card that was signed when the account was opened. Generally only the party who wrote the check is responsible for NSF unless it is a married couple who reside in a community property state. Be that as it may, both will likely be penalized in regards to fees and service charges.

2006-08-01 15:25:31
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Q: Who is responsible for a NSF check written on a closed joint account?
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How can you collect on a check written to you from a closed account in Arizona?

No you cannot.

What if someone write a check for something in your name on a closed account?

Whoever wrote the check is responsible for the amount of the check, penalties, and all legal consequences.

Can you deposit a personal check into a bank account that is closed?

No, the account is closed.

Are criminal charges possible in Virginia for a bad check for security deposit?

If the check was knowingly written against a closed account or an account with insufficient funds, yes.

Is it illegal to write a check on a closed account?

It is definitely illegal to write a check on an account that you know is closed. This can put you in prison.

What if you write a check to yourself on a closed account to another account?

Then you are commiting a crime known as check kiting.

Can you vash a personal check if account is closed?

Not legally.

Your friend got a message from a supplier that her check says it's closed account however my friend's account is not closed and is wondering what happend to that check?

Your friend should phone, or visit, her bank branch. Only they can say why the supplier thinks that the account is closed.

Can a check be cahed that was wrote six years ago and the account in which it was written is now closed?

No. If the account is now closed, there is no money there available for the bank to pull out and give to you. Your only recourse, is to see if the person/business who wrote the check originally will give you a NEW check for the same amount if you give them the old check (showing them that it was never cashed.)

What is the penalty for writing a check on a closed account in Florida?

You may be fined by the bank for writing a check on a non-existent account. Plus, the person to whom you gave the check can sue you for the money and for which you can be arrested and jailed. Writing a check on a closed account is illegal and you can be jailed for the same.

Is it breaking the law to write a check on a closed checking account?

Yes, if you knew that it was closed then your intent was to defraud whoever it was that you wrote the check to.

How can you check to verify an account has been closed?

go to the bank and ask

What is the Definition of check disbursement?

A check disbursement is a check written on a specific account to pay for something else. For example, a check written from your savings account to pay for your electric bill.

What is the punishment in Michigan for writing check on closed bank account?

Writing a check on a closed bank account in Michigan is considered a felony offense. A person may be sentenced to up to 2 years in prison and/or $500 in fines.

What happens if I write a check from a joint account and find out my husband closed the account?

If the mode of operation of the account is jointly by you and your husband in this case he can not closed the account. If the mode of operation is either or survivor, in this case your husband can close this account and you can not claim anything from bank.

What does it mean when a cheque is returned for reason account closed?

It means the account that the check was drwan on has been closed. Whoever wrote the check went to the bank, closed the account without providing a list of outstanding checks, and took whatever cash was left in the account. Unfortunately it makes the check you're holding worthless... but if you are located in the US (not sure about other countries) it is considered bank fraud and is a federal offense. Contact an attorney.

Can you still get a copy of cancelled check even if you closed account 3 years ago?


Collect on checks that are drawn on a closed accounts?

To collect on checks that are drawn on a closed account, you have to take the check-writer to small claims court and get a judgment. The check is considered a contract.

What happens to the money if you close an account and forgot there was money in there?

Actually such a scenario wouldn't occur. When a bank account is closed, the bank would release all the funds held in that account to the account holder on the same day the account is closed. Even if they can't do it immediately, they would have sent a check to the customer by post/mail. Banks cannot hold on to the funds of a bank account that was closed. It is mandatory for them to return the funds to the customer once his account is closed.

Is it a felony to write a check on a closed account in Ohio?

Fraud is certainly a crime. If you do so fraudulently, it might be a felony (whether it is or not may depend on the amount of the check). If you do so accidentally (the account was closed and you didn't know about it at the time; maybe it was a joint account and your spouse closed it without telling you, or maybe the bank closed it for some inscrutable reason of their own) it's embarrassing, but probably not an actual crime as long as you make the check good as soon as you discover your error.

Should the bank refund me if they made the mistake?

I went to my bank to get check to pay my rent for the month. The bank accidentally gave me a check from an account which was closed over 5 years ago instead of my active account. I didn't notice the account number on the check. So I used that check to pay the rent, but the check bounced because it was from a closed account. Now the apartment company billed me $140 because of the bounced check. Should the bank have to cover that $140 bill because they are the one's that made the mistake with the check?

What happens if you write a check on a closed bank account?

Writing a check on a checking account that is closed/inactive is a crime. Customers are not supposed to do that and if they do, the bank can report it and take legal action against the offending customer. The customer can be fined or jailed for doing so.

Why would a bank report you to Chex Systems for suspected fraud activity because you made a deposit from an account that had been closed?

If you knowingly deposit a check from an account that is closed, you are committing fraud. Because the bank is thinking that you are trying to inflate your account with money that isn't there, a process that is known as check kiting.

I pay an account by cheque's get a receipt the checques get stolen am i still responsible?

If you paid an account with a check and received a receipt that you had paid that account, your part of the transaction is finished. What they do with the check after you walk away with the receipt is their responsibility.

Is anyone else check your bank account?

No. Only an account holder can check his/her bank account. If anyone else gains access to your account without your written consent, it is illegal.