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Who is responsible for credit card bills after someone dies?

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When someone dies and leaves a debt for which there is no co-debtor, the decedent's assets may be used to pay the debts. In many states, a proceeding called a "probate" is the avenue whereby the assets of the decedent are collected and either liquidated to pay debts, or if the debts have been paid, distributed to heirs.

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What do credit card companies call someone who pays their bills?

Outstanding Bills

Can you send credit from someone to someone else?

No, you can not give credit that you have to someone else. You can loan someone money or your credit card, but you are still responsible for paying the credit card company back.

In Oklahoma is a wife responsible for deceased spouse credit card bills?


If legally separated are you responsible for their medical or credit card bills?

yes if they have your name on it

Is a Delaware spouse responsible for her dead husbands credit card bills?


How does one pay credit card bills online?

One can pay credit card bills online by consulting with the website of their credit card company. Many companies offer an option to pay credit card bills online.

Is an authorized credit card user responsible for credit card debt if the primary card holder declares bankruptcy?

No. The card holder is responsible for all debt on the credit they extended to him. (You may be responsible to the credit card holder for the debt he incurred for you, if that was your agreement).

In the state of Ohio is a spouse responsible for medical bills or credit card debt after the spouse has passed away?

My husband has termial cancer and I was wondering when he passes will I be responible for any credit card debts he has and any of his medical bills? We live in the state of Ohio.

Where can one get help with their credit card bills?

If someone needs help with their credit card bill then the first place they should ask is their credit card company. They can give more details on the transactions and help resolve issues.

Can a creditor refuse payment by means other than a checking account?

Yes ... why would a creditor someone even consider taking a credit card payment from someone who has a history of not paying their credit card bills. Think !!!

Are adult children responsible for credit card debt after their parents die?

No. The credit card companies will try to get you to pay off your parent's bills but you don't have it. It is all volunteer. I was glad to learn this since my mother is 81.

Are the adult children responsible for credit card debt after parents die?

No. The credit card companies will try to get you to pay off your parents bills but you don't have it. It is all volunteer. I was glad to learn this since my mother is 81.

What bills can you pay using a credit card?

shopping bills,electric bills,telephone bills and etc

Who is responsible for a deceased person credit card debt in North Carolina?

The estate is responsible for the decedent's credit card debt.

Can someone with bad credit co-sign with someone with good credit and get a card using the other person's good credit?

You've got that stated backward. The person with bad credit who needs a credit card would be the borrower. He has to find someone with good credit to be the cosigner. And the cosigner has to really trust the borrower because he is going to be responsible for repaying the card if (when) the borrower doesn't.

Is a joint credit card account holder responsible for the entire debt when the other account holder dies?

Answer credit cardfrom past experience with my mother in law, you are responsible for the credit card balance The surviving joint account holder would be responsible for the entire amount owed.Credit Card DebtUnfortunantly you will be responsible for all of it.

How do you build credit the fastest?

Pay your bills on time. Actually, use a credit card and pay your bills in full ahead of time.Paying bills on time will not make a credit history.USING credit will.Just be careful.

Is chargesmart legit?

No, you get to pay your bills with your credit card through these guys - you have to pay a little bit for their services (2-3%), but you get tons of miles and points that way when you're using your credit card for everything. So it really pays for itself. The thing is you need to be REALLY responsible with your bills for this to be effective for you!

Where can someone start paying off credit card debt using a check?

Your credit card company will send you a bill and these bills will include a pre-addressed envelope. Mail the check in that and it will be applied to your bill.

Who is responsible for credit card debt incurred without marriage?

Whoever owns the credit card

Increase credit limit for credit card?

If you want to increase your credit card limit, you should use it regularly and create a predictable credit card history. Pay your bills on time.

How can credit card debt be reduced?

Firstly, credit card debt can be avoid by paying you credit card bills in a timely manner, avoid late fees and high interest. Creating a budget, no longer using credit cards, and paying your current credit bills will help reduce your debt.

Can you have a credit card number and it is not your credit card?

No, unless you hack someone

Can I report credit card fraud if I know someone who has someone elses credit card?

Yes I believe you can report credit card fraud if you know someone who has someone elses credit card, if let's say one of your friends or family member got there credit card stolen and you also know the person who stole the credit card you can report a credit card fraud or you can just let your friend or family member report fraud on there credit card, I hope this helps :).

Are you responsible for your dead spouses credit card debt if you own a house together?

Your dead spouse's estate is responsible for the credit card debt. In practice, this may amount to "you are responsible for it."