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I believe whomever caused the accident is At Fault, whether their car was damaged or not. * The evidence compiled in the accident investigation will determine the responsible party. To determine who is at fault in a vehicle accident investigators use a method referred to as "chain of causation" and begin the investigation with the vehicle that was last in motion. This does not necessarily mean that the driver of said vehicle is the one responsible for the accident. It is quite possible that the driver of the vehicle that was not damaged will be the one determined to be responsible for causing the accident.

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Q: Who is responsible when there is a three car accident and the 3rd car only damages the 2nd car?
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In Michigan if you are in an accident not at fault and have liability insurance only is the driver at fault responsible for damages to your car?


If an 18 year old son lives with mother at home and has a car accident is the mother responsible for the damages?

Only if it's her car, or the son was intoxicated by something he obtained from his mother.

In a three car accident with one impact from the last car is that car's insurance only responsible for the damages to the back of the middle car?

If with "one impact from the last car" you mean that the rear car hit the middle car and then the middle car, as a result, hit the front car, the rear car's insurance would be responsible for all damages. If the middle car first hit the front car and then the rear car hit the middle care, the rear car's insurance would only be responsible for the damages to the middle car. i.e. where was the first impact?

If you were involved in a multi car accident and you were not at fault does the party at fault have to pay for your damages?

I was in a 3 car accident. An uninsured motorist hit the car in front of me, the second vehicle (who has insurance) then hit my car. Doesn't the car who hit me become responsible for my damages?AnswerYes, the at fault party is responsible for your damages. AnswerKeep in mind, in multi vehicle accidents, usually, the responsible party's insurance co. prorates the amounts paid (up to the policy's limit) among the claimants, meaning that at the end you may still be owed money, which the only way to collect is if you sue the person at fault for the accident.

Are you responsible for paying the deductible if the accident was in a work vehicle?

only if it was your fault

If you co sign for an auto loan and the person you co signed for is in an accident can you as the co signer be liable for injuries or damages?

No, you can only be liable for the loan. If the car was totaled and did not have insurance then you can be held responsible for the balance on the loan. Any accident or damages that occurred would be the responsibility of the driver/owner of the vehicle. All your signature did was say that you will pay the loan if the borrower fails to do so.

If you have an accident with your husband's vehicle which has only PLPD insurance can he make a claim against the full coverage on your vehicle?

No. If you had an accident with your husbands car and you were at fault with only PLPD insurance, the damages to your vehicle would not be covered.

What if both parties only have liability insurance after a car accident?

If you were at fault, your insurance co will cover the damages to the other vehicle ONLY, not your....and vise virsa.

Who is responsible for damage done to a uninsured vehicle?

If you have an accident with an uninsured vehicle, you and your insurance company are still liable for all damages, even though the other vehicle has no insurance. The only thing that will happen to the other driver is a citation for driving with no insurance.

What legal principle allows someone to sue a person for all damages if they were only partially responsible?

tort law

What happens if you hit an an uninsured motorists and you only have liability?

If the accident is your fault, your liability coverage will pay for the other person's damages. You will be out of luck as no coverage will be afforded for the damages to your vehicle or any injuries to you or your passengers.

Should you receive payment for being in an accident?

yes you should get reembursed for the damages and you can sue for pain and suffering. but only if it wasn't your fault

Is a lien holder responsible if the car owner has an accident?

only if the lien holder caused the collision

If an insured driver was driving your uninsured car would their insurance cover an accident?

Only if the driver was responsible and only for his liability

Can someone without insurance and whose license was cancel sue you if you had an accident with him and you were at fault?

Absolutely, this person can and will sue you. Just because he/she wasn't licensed doesn't mean that you have the right to get in an accident with him/her. The only thing that will happen to the other person is get a citation for driving without a license, or whatever the case may be. You are still responsible for all damages.

If an accident is caused by someone distracting a driver who has liability insurance only can they collect damages from the person who distracted them?

The driver is responsible for whatever goes on in the car. If he/she is distracted he shouldn't be driving but should immediately pull over. If he/she has used the poor judgment to allow an irresponsible person in the car and is subsequently distracted, the driver is still responsible. In the end, no matter what happens, the driver is responsible.

What if insured only has ten thousand max payout on policy And your out of work for 3 months and your medical bills are way more then ten thousand Not to metion pain and suffering and related expenses?

If a person is responsible for an injury, such as in a car accident, you would first go to that person's insurance for the damages. If insurance is exhausted or denies the claim, you can then go directly to the responsible party for payment. If they do not pay voluntarily, you would need to file a civil suit. In the case of an auto accident, if you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, you company may cover your damages and handle the suit against the responsible party on your behalf.

I have no idea if I need this but,what is sr22 insurance?

That is an insurance form that is commonly used by the state BMV to show that you are willing to be financially responsible for any damages to another driver or his vehicle. This is normally needed only if you have had your license suspended due to lack of insurance after having had an accident.

Will your insurance company still pay for the damages to your car if your daughter who has no drivers license and who was not at fault for the accident drives the car at time of accident?

Probably not, as most policies only cover drivers not listed on the policy if they were given permission to drive. If you gave your unlicensed daughter permission to drive, then you can be issued a ticket. However, if the accident was not your daughter's fault, then the at fault party is responsible for the damage they caused to your vehicle, regardless if the other party was licensed or not.

Can you sign a Waiver of Insurance that means the cosigner is not responsible if you are in an accident?

It's not necessary for a waiver as the co-signer would not be responsible. A co-signer is only responsible for repayment of the loan, if the primary borrower defaults.

New driver gets into accident with friends car with no insurance friend only has GDL who's liable for damages to both cars?

If it was your fault then your freind is liable for the damages. If it was the other guys fault then his insurance will pay for it. Keep in mind, while legally it is the owners responsibility for the damages, he can sue you if he wanted to.

If a co owns a veh and is self insured and then hires a driver for that vehicle from another co and the driver has an accident on the vehicle owners property which co would be responsible for damage?

A company owns a truck that is used to move semi-trailers and this company is self insured has leased a driver from another company and the driver has an accident on the truck owners property that involves only the truck who would be responsible for the damages. The company who owns the truck and their insurance or the company who leased the driver ?

Friend driving your car without a license what happens to the car owner?

Whatever your friend does in that car whether it be DUI or an accident you are responsible for all damages and expenses not to mention your insurance may not cover anything at all and will more than likely drop your insurance or move to high risk class. If a driver gets stopped by police and found out without license, you are NOT are only responsible if you give them permission to drive your car.

Can the rental car agency hold you responsible for damages even if you purchased collision damage waiver?

Usually the waiver only reduces the excess you pay.

Would not wearing a seatbelt in an accident only reduce medical damages not property damage to the car?

Please re-write your question so that it may be understood better.