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He is a experiment gone wrong he was meant to be sonic and shadow put together but he grew a heart and now helps the good guys Hope i solved ur prob

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โˆ™ 2008-12-15 02:33:55
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Q: Who is silver the heghog?
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Is silver in shadow the heghog?

No,Silver is not in Shadow the heghog,he was not even a character then.

Is there going to be a Silver the heghog game?

yes and it was brilliant fun!

How old is Silver the heghog?

he is sopposedly 14 yrs old

Who can you unlock silver the heghog in sonic and the secret rings?

i dont realey no. but why not try to?.

Is knukles the echinda better than silver the heghog?

That is a purely opinionated question.

Who is sonic the heghog?

sonic the heghog is a heghog, what kind of question is that? I meen really come one.T.T

How do you make a heghog in alxemy?


Is silver the heghog Sonic?

No Silver the hedgehog is from the future, and is 14. Sonic is from the present and 15. Not to mention Silver was sent in Sonic 06 to kill Sonic which would make a very confusing storyline if Silver was Sonic sent to kill himself......

Is hedgehog a primary consumer?

is heghog primary consumer

Is this how you spell heghog?

No, the correct spelling is hedgehog.

Sonic the heghog?

A video game character made by SEGA.

Where can you play sonic the heghog 2 online?

you gotta download it.

How do you play as super Sonic in Sonic the Heghog 10?

if you have thumbs

Is Amy the heghog real?

No Amy is a fiction character from sonic

Is shadow the heghog a evil android of sonic?

yeah you could say that

How many times does a heghog heart beat in a minute?

300 times

What type of mammal is a heghog?

A hedgehog is a placental mammal. It is an insectivore. It is in the order Erinaceomorpha.

Why couldn't venus the heghog be in sonic x?

Because that's a fan character.

Will a male heghog kill his babies if their in the same cage?

in some conditions it might by estherbella*

When did sonic the heghog owenrr die?

He never did, his name is Yuji Naka, and he isn't dead

Which animals have internal fertilisation?

1.monkey 2.human 3.heghog 4.kangaroo

How many beats heghog heart beat per minute?

it beats 50 times a minut

Does this make sense The heghog went beneath the ground?

The hedgehog went beneath the ground. - yes :)

Will anyone on sonic the heghog die?

Yes, shadow dies, and a lot of eggman's robots die

What is the name of the aspiring heghog actor in Toy Story 3?

"Mr. Pricklepants" , voiced by Timothy Dalton .