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it cant be Tobi although he summoned doesn' neccesarly means hes sronger i'd have to say minato or naruto.

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Q: Who is sronger than kyubbi in Naruto?
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Will kyubbi Naruto be in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm?

most likely

How does Sora get kyubbi?

sora doesnt get kyubbi because that is from naruto and call it by its name the nine tailed fox or jinchurriki

Will naruto die from using kyubbi mode?

no he will not die but it will shorten his lifespan if he uses it for more than 5 minutes

Does kyubbi like Naruto?

It doesn't really say but he sure like his more than Madara he actually gave naruto more chakara because he wanted naruto to control him and not Madara....

Which episode did Sakura know naruto is a kyubbi?

Part 2 episode 12

Will naruto die in the war?

Sadly, yes. He dies in Naruto Manga 660 end & Naruto Manga 661 beginning. He got the Kyubbi extracted from him by Madara and is dead through Naruto Manga 664. Minato, Sakura, and Gaara tried to save Naruto, but failed due to black zetsu capturing Minato's Kyubbi half in Naruto Manga 664.

Since naruto and kyubbi's chakra are mixing does that mean they can't be separated like akatski want?

No, they can be separated.

What are all the characters for naruto shippuden akatsuki rising?

All of the characters that you can get for this game are::::) Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Shikamaru, TenTen, Neji, Rock Lee, Might Guy, Temari, Kankuro, Deidara, Itachi, Kisame, Sai, Sasuke, Sasori, Sasori (Hiruko), Naruto with 1 Kyubbi tail, Naruto with 9 Kyubbi tails, Kakashi (with Mangekyo Sharingan), and Sasuke, with his Eternal Sharingan.

Are horses sronger than men?


Naruto daikesshu 4 action replay ds codes i want to play this game in jap because in America there isn't kyubbi naruto and cursed 2 Sasuke and some stage are more difficuilty. thanks?


Is Saturn's gravity sronger than earth's gravity?

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Is anyone smart enough to follow the naruto story line If you paid attention the fourth Hokage sealed only the yang part of the kyubbi in naruto which means where did the yin part go. This could arise?

The Fourth (Yondaime, Naruto's dad) sealed the Kyuubi INTO Naruto. He did it because after a while, Jinchuuriki learn to control their demons.